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Lipscomb Research

Every day in our classrooms and labs, faculty and students collaborate to shape our world for the better.

From the earliest documentation of the Stroop effect to changing how doctors treat congestive heart failure, Lipscomb University’s professors and students are daily discovering, analyzing and changing our world through research. 

Lipscomb professors are helping to identify the remains of Tennessee’s volunteers in the Mexican War, writing novels and biographies, and pioneering interprofessional health care. Students spend their days fighting cancer on numerous biological fronts or analyzing best practices in business, public service, sustainability, and education.

In classrooms and laboratories every day, the future is being discovered and crafted by Lipscomb Bisons.

Online Research News

Lipscomb Now: Discovery Magazine


Student as seen through the wind tunnel machinery

Engineering college has the wind at its back

Thanks to the 2019 donation of a wind tunnel and annual grants from the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium, engineering majors have had the experience to install, power and equip a wind tunnel destined to be a valuable tool for future students.

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Rachel Crouch with a student in the lab

Faculty’s partnerships bring new insights and knowledge to world

In the past year, Lipscomb’s faculty have been called on by the nation’s most prestigious institutions to solve problems and enhance the world’s knowledge through research and scholarship into heavy ions, pharmaceuticals, supply chains and nutritional supplements.

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Equipment in a doctor's examination room

Asking the questions that empower the hands of service

Lipscomb’s longtime community engagement spurs questions about the most effective ways to help and inspire. Lipscomb's faculty are finding the answers through academic analysis of our own service in education, social enterprise and integrated health.

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Student Scholar Symposium

Student Scholars Symposium

The annual Student Scholars Symposium is a celebration of the creative and scholarly works of Lipscomb students, both undergraduate and graduate. This interdisciplinary event represents the diversity of academia at Lipscomb with presentations of empirical research of all types, readings and performances, as well as exhibitions of artistic and scientific work.

Student Scholars Symposium

Summer Research Programs

Summer at Lipscomb means time for discovery, with abundant opportunities to carry out research at the graduate, undergraduate and faculty levels. The Pharmacy Summer Research Program, undergraduate fellowships such as the Langford Yates Fellowship and research projects by Lipscomb faculty all take place during the summer months, with several subsidized by stipends, grants and awards.

The office of research

The Office of Research

The Office of Research, within the Office of the Provost, exists to support a culture of Christian-based intellectual curiosity and scholarly activity on the Lipscomb campus. It encourages and supports scholarship by promoting access to research funding through competitive grants designed to help faculty members launch research projects.