Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

We offer an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling designed to meet the academic requirements for Tennessee licensure as a Professional Counselor with Mental Health Service Provider designation (LPC-MHSP). This credential allows students to provide counseling services in a variety of settings in the community such as mental health centers, private practices, and churches. Our program’s emphasis on faith integration is especially helpful for those who wish to practice in faith-related settings (although students are not limited to only these settings).  Our M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree has been accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

The degree requires a core set of classes that are required for all students seeking LPC licensure in Tennessee as well as elective hours that allow students to acquire the minimum of 60 graduate hours needed for this licensure. Students are also required to complete one year of practicum and internship totaling 750 hours of supervised clinical experience; this experience helps the students develop their skills as counselors, preparing them for the counseling profession. Students may also choose to specialize in play therapy by taking two play therapy electives and one semester of Internship in play therapy. Students also have the option of completing a thesis if they are considering a future doctorate degree. 

Program Outcomes:

Last academic year, there were 34 graduates of Lipscomb University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Our graduates consistently achieve high pass rates on licensing examinations. The pass rate for graduates taking the NCE examination in the 2017 – 2018 academic year was 100%. Of the admitted students, 56% graduate from the program in the expected time period** and 92% of those program graduates responding to surveys who are actively seeking jobs are employed.

Chart Report

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program

Year Number of Graduates **Completion Rate LPC Exam Pass Rate Placement Rate
2017-2018 34 56% 100% 91.7%

*represent the percentage of graduates actively seeking employment

**Represents the percentage of students completing the program within 11 semesters

Graduate Studies in Counseling Program Evaluation Report, 2016-2017
Graduate Studies in Counseling Program Evaluation Report, 2015-2016
Graduate Studies in Counseling Program Evaluation Report, 2014-2015

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Core Courses (46 Hours)

  • COUN 5103    Theories of Counseling and Personality
  • COUN 5113    Introduction to Clinical Mental Health
  • COUN 5203    Introduction to Psychopathology and Adaptive Behavior
  • COUN 5303    Lifespan Development
  • COUN 5603    Research Methods and Statistics
  • COUN 5703    Ethics and Professional Issues in Counseling
  • COUN 5803    Integration of Psychology and Christianity Seminar
  • COUN 5903    Introduction to Counseling Skills
  • COUN 6053    Multicultural Issues in Counseling
  • COUN 6103    Group Dynamics and Group Counseling
  • COUN 6253    Career Counseling
  • COUN 6303    Substance Abuse Counseling
  • COUN 6603    Advanced Psychopathology
  • COUN 6653    Assessment Techniques
  • COUN 6703    Effective Counseling and Treatment Planning
  • COUN 6951    Capstone Seminar in Counseling

Clinical Experience Courses (9 Hours)

  • COUN 6803    Practicum
  • COUN 6903    Internship I
  • COUN 6913    Internship II
  • COUN 6910    Internship Continuation (if needed)

Elective Courses (select 6 Hours)

  • COUN 6003    Grief and Crisis Counseling
  • COUN 6153    Marriage and Family Counseling
  • COUN 6203    Child and Adolescent Counseling
  • COUN 6403    Psychopharmacology
  • COUN 6453    Gerontology
  • COUN 6503    Human Sexuality
  • PSG 6553        Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • COUN 675V   Psychological/Counseling Topics (Introduction to Play Therapy, Advanced Play Therapy, Internship II in Play Therapy)
  • PSG 6933        Thesis I
  • PSG 6943        Thesis II

Courses from other Lipscomb graduate studies may be used as electives as approved by the graduate director (e.g., Conflict Management, Theology).