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College of Leadership & Public Service Partnerships

The College of Leadership & Public Service partners with leading organizations in Middle Tennessee to provide students with distinctive learning experiences that equip them to face the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.

The challenges of government don’t just affect large cities and metro areas. Small towns and rural communities face unique issues that require adept leaders who can find creative solutions that lead to flourishing.

Because Lipscomb University is “Where Tennessee Turns for Leadership,” we want to support leaders in cities and communities large and small across the state. To equip leaders and prepare them to govern in rural areas and small communities, the Regional Scholars Program gives public servants from various regions across Tennessee the opportunity to earn a discounted master’s degree and take their education back to their communities to better serve their constituents.

Our aim is that communities would be changed and lives transformed across Tennessee through this program. To learn more about the Regional Scholars Program, contact mark.white [at] (Mark White), Director of Leadership and Public Service.

You can also support our vision for flourishing in all Tennessee communities with a financial contribution to this scholarship program. Make a gift to the Regional Scholars Program today, or contact our Office of Advancement at 615.966.6232 to learn more about how you can support our mission.

The Regional Scholars Program is made possible by several generous sponsors.


Ayers Foundation Trust 2024

Ayers Foundation Trust

The Ayers Foundation Trust is committed to improving the quality of life for the people of Tennessee. They believe that through education, conservation and social welfare the people of Tennessee prosper. The Ayers Foundation Trust also believes that these three pillars of prosperity are created and maintained by strong community leaders. The Ayers were the first to support Lipscomb University’s master’s program in Leadership and Public Service because of their strong belief and commitment to continue to build a strong Tennessee. 

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Amazon logo


As a global leader in the 21st century, Tennessee is most fortunate that Amazon has chosen our state to continue to grow and provide leadership. Their philosophy is to empower people with lucrative options to make a living. Amazon’s corporate philosophy is built around leadership principles, and they know the value of strong leadership. Lipscomb University’s College of Leadership & Public Service is grateful that Amazon is supporting Tennessee’s growth by supporting and encouraging leadership development across our state. 

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The Boyd Foundation logo

Randy & Jenny Boyd Foundation 

As a well known leader in Tennessee, the Boyd Foundation strives to make Tennessee the state of opportunity. As entrepreneurs, job creators and philanthropists, Randy and Jenny understand the value of coordinated leadership. Among their many accomplishments, they believe that success depends on education, and education brings great leaders. The Boyd Foundation has partnered with the College of Leadership & Public Service with a belief that opportunity is created when leadership prospers. 


Ezell Foundation logo

Ezell Family Foundation 

The history of Tennessee is linked to the experience and success of great entrepreneurial families such as the Ezells. The patriarch of the family once stated: “In order to succeed, think big, dream, work hard and be honest.” Their passion to return the blessings God gave them has linked the family to Lipscomb University for generations. The Ezell Family Foundation’s support of leadership development will continue their legacy of supporting a successful and strong Tennessee.


CocaCola Consolidated

Coca-Cola Consolidated

Coca-Cola Consolidated is a new sponsor for 2024






AT&T is a new sponsor for 2024