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Department of Biology

As Christian scholars, we believe the study of biology is as essential to loving God’s creation as the study of Scripture. The astonishing processes, marvelous diversity, and still-unlocked mysteries of His world fascinate and inspire us. Which only makes sense, given that biology takes as its subject nothing less than life itself.

When you pursue a major in biology, you will become an investigator, technician, and theorist. Ecology, zoology, genetics, immunology—you can approach the workings of the natural world from nearly any angle. And whichever you choose, Lipscomb’s program will ready you for your life’s work in research or teaching.

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Our Programs


Grow your working knowledge of biology through research experience in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our faculty are world-class scientists who stay current in their field, and they craft learning around your passions.

About Biology

Computational Biology

Our rigorous curriculum will prepare you for a career in data-intensive biological sciences. You'll examine computational and mathematical modeling, simulation, and more alongside of our distinguished, accessible faculty.

About Computational Biology

Molecular Biology

We will help you prepare for a career in the life sciences: think clinical or biomedical research, or other graduate programs in the allied health professions. Our faculty, world-respected biomedical research scientists, will provide you with a strong understanding of the cellular mechanisms underlying human physiology, genetics and disease.

About Molecular Biology

Bioscience and Philosophy

Dive into the deep ethical questions faced by health professionals as technological and medical advances change the field of bioscience. Make insightful philosophical contributions as you hone your skills in the sciences of biology and chemistry.

About Bioscience and Philosophy

Biomolecular Science (M.S.)

Extensive research opportunities and hands-on experiences in this program are bound to make you stand out in your career in medicine, research or forensic science. Significantly develop your skills and strengthen your application into the allied health professions with the help of proven faculty and dedicated mentors.

About the M.S.