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Lipscomb Mentoring Network

No matter what happens your first year of college, you shouldn’t experience it alone.

Lipscomb University has long believed mentorship to be one of the best ways to ensure each person knows they are an important part of this community. Since 2010, thousands of individuals—students, faculty and staff, and Nashville community members—have participated in meaningful and transformative mentoring relationships.

The Lipscomb Mentoring Network (LMN) provides an opportunity for freshmen to connect with volunteer mentors in order to ease the transition into the Lipscomb community. Mentoring helps students acclimate to college life and gives them a better chance of flourishing as a freshman. 

LMN places every incoming freshman with a mentor—a faculty or staff member or a Lipscomb alum. LMN exists because students with mentors are more likely to:

  • positively adjust to the demands of Lipscomb life
  • have a greater overall satisfaction with their Lipscomb experience
  • increase their self-efficacy and perceived confidence in their ability
  • complete their degree and graduate

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Click for more information about the Lipscomb Mentoring Network, or to sign up to be a mentor.

Mentorship models like LMN enrich the lives of our community by contributing to:

  • Wellbeing: Students are surrounded by caring and intentional individuals who hold in high regard the student’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Community: Students are warmly and intentionally welcomed into a new culture and community and can begin to forge meaningful relationships.
  • Success: Students are close to individuals whose wisdom and accountability can help them build competencies, habits, and mindsets that contribute to their flourishing and success.
  • Purpose: Mentorship (a) cultivates opportunities for students to explore their life’s purpose, and (b) presents pathways for them to realize that calling through access to resources and networking opportunities.