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Lipscomb Mentoring Network

No matter what happens during college, you shouldn’t experience it alone.

Lipscomb University has long believed mentorship to be one of the best ways to ensure each person knows they are an important part of this community. Since 2010, thousands of individuals—students, faculty, staff and Nashville community members—have participated in meaningful and transformative mentoring relationships.

The Lipscomb Mentoring Network (LMN) provides an opportunity for students to connect with volunteer mentors in order to ease the transition into the Lipscomb and Nashville community. LMN is an expression of and overflow from our university values: mentoring helps students create solutions and pursue joy. Anchored in our love for God, our dedication to service, and desire to embrace all dimensions of wellness, our mentors seek to learn how best to serve each student on an individualized level. We collaborate and align services across campus to provide a holistic and integrated support system for all students.  


Mentor and mentees studying

Every Student Matters

Student development and success requires a holistic approach focused on physical, social, emotional, academic, spiritual, and cultural wellness. We strive to serve our diverse student body and provide the appropriate guidance and support, while being respectful and appreciating the differences that make us all unique.

What the LMN offers students: 

  • Student Success: Our mentors are committed to the success of students and are actively embracing the multiple dimensions of personal development and growth. Mentors strive to develop the skills and character students need to thrive in the world. 
  • Spiritual Wellness: Incorporating spiritual wellness into our mentoring program is very important for our team and our approach to well-being as a whole. Our mentors assist students with developing their spiritual identity and growing in their spiritual well-being and relationship with God. 
  • Emotional Stability: College is one of the most stressful times an individual will encounter and our mentoring program wants to provide grounded support for the emotional stability of our students. Our mentors strive to be a beacon of stability and guidance to assist our students during these times and provide resources that can be utilized during stressful situations. 
  • Physical Health: College often gives new stressors that can take a toll on a student in a physical way. Our mentors remind students that rest and recovery are both a part of the educational process along with healthy habits. 
  • Personal Reflection: Mentors offer the chance for connection that allows students the opportunity to personally reflect and evaluate their self-awareness and goals. This step is often valuable to ensuring students have a deep understanding of their own skill level and gain insight into how they can affirm good habits or correct poor ones. Personal reflection also benefits students when considering their future vocational options. 
  • Social Integration: College can be considered a true melting pot of cultures, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our mentors encourage and establish interpersonal connections with students to assist them through collaboration, positive encouragement, and active engagement. Mentors seek not just to teach, but also to learn from our students to better serve now and in the future. 
  • Personal Validation: Supporting our students so they are confident, motivated, satisfied, and validated is part of our commitment. Our mentors strive for authentic connections with their students to provide personalized support and guidance. 
  • Purpose: LMN offers students guidance in establishing and developing their personal purpose. Mentors assist students in recognizing their potential, developing personal goals, and building their skills to deliver their best work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Mentee

"My mentor has helped me feel welcomed, wanted, and supported throughout the
whole process of starting a new chapter here. He has answered questions and just
been there when I needed it."


"I have enjoyed being able to connect with students, even on a small level, and to let
them know that someone is available to support them. It's reminded me of how scary
starting at college can be and how nice it is to have people around cheering you on. I've
learned to be more open to learning from others, even those much younger than me."


“My mentor has given me so much help this semester and provided me with a back bone.
Without her, I would not have been able to be as comfortable here at Lipscomb as I am.”