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Events - Ayers Institute

Take a look at some upcoming events, webinars and conferences offered by the Ayers Institute.

Registration for Ayers Institute events and courses occurs
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Coaching Academy: Models & Practices

**SOLD OUT** (Waiting list is available.)
January 24-25, 2023
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Central Time) each day
Lipscomb University - Ezell Center

The Ayers Institute Coaching Academy: Coaching Models and Practices is structured to equip new coaches and build capacity in current coaches through interactive instruction and relevant practice focused on the skills necessary for coaching. Participants will engage in explicit instruction to explore the skills of committed listening, paraphrasing, presuming positivity, and providing reflective feedback, and then practice these skills throughout the sessions. Participants also explore the differences between coaching and evaluation, what virtual coaching looks and sounds like, and how to approach each leadership role with a coach mindset.

This academy is useful for new coaches to learn how to engage in coaching, current coaches who want to develop their coaching skills further, and principals wanting to start coaching programs or build capacity in current programs.

Waiting List

Coaching Academy: Skills Development

**Coming this Spring -- Dates TBA***
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Central Time) each day
In-person Training; Ezell Center at Lipscomb University; Nashville, TN

Prerequisite- 2-day Ayers Institute Coaching Academy: Coaching Models & Practices session.

TASL approved: 12 hours professional learning credit.

The Ayers Institute Instructional Coaching Academy: Skills Development will build on the knowledge gained during the Coaching Models and Practices session. This two-day academy will focus on deepening the skills of listening, paraphrasing, presuming positivity, and providing reflective feedback by engaging in authentic practice of these foundational coaching tools. Participants will also focus on essential self-awareness, consider the coaching cycle developed by the Ayers Institute, and learn about the various kinds of conversations that lead to growth in those we coach.

Content Delivery: This Instructional Coaching Academy will be conducted in-person and will include instruction, facilitator/participant interaction, small group discussions, and skill practice. Enrollment is limited to ensure the quality of the learning experience for each participant.

PATH-Intro to Working with Adult Learners

Ongoing Course Registration
Preparing Adults for the Transition to Higher Education (PATH)
Introduction to Working with Adult Learners

The Tennessee College Access and Success Network and Ayers Institute for Learning & Innovation at Lipscomb University have partnered to create PATH: Preparing Adults for the Transition to Higher Education. Our introductory strand of the course was created with the intent to provide support and resources to professionals around Tennessee who may work with adults who are enrolling in institutions of higher education for the first time or those who are re-enrolling in order to complete their degree.

The cost is $69 per person.


Archived Events

Online Webinars

The Ayers Institute produces monthly, web-based seminars ("webinars"). These online resources provide timely, topical professional learning opportunities to educators. Participants can interact with the presenters during the live webinar broadcast. The webinar sessions are also recorded to enable replay at a later time.

The Ayers Institute webinars are appropriate for K-12 educators, higher education professionals, teacher-preparation candidates, and community members with an interest in the field of education.

Topic Areas

Topics covered by Ayers Institute webinars include:

  • Ayers Institute Resources
  • Coaching
  • College Access & Success
  • Instructional Skills Development
  • School Leadership
  • Teacher Preparation

Archived Webinars