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The INVEST Project

Through a partnership with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), The Ayers Institute for Learning and Innovation has created resources for university faculty to use when preparing new teachers to employ the standards-based instructional practices.

These videos were created with the guidance of the IHE Advisory Board and funded as part of Tennessee’s Race to the Top program. The project goals were:

  • Guide the development of resources for institutes of higher education in the implementation of the Tennessee Academic Standards.
  • Represent the diverse interests of the teacher preparation community in integrating the Tennessee Academic Standards into training programs.
  • To facilitate communication between Arts and Sciences and College of Education faculty on standards-aligned instruction implementation with an ultimate outcome of ensuring the teacher pipeline is adequately prepared to teach to the new, more rigorous Tennessee Academic Standards.

The Ayers Institute has produced a library of lesson-length videos that can be used in teacher preparation classrooms and professional learning programs across the state. Some are full length Math and ELA lessons, identifying standards-aligned shifts. Others are shorter clips highlighting implementation of the Tennessee Academic Standards, including Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Evaluation. In addition, a suite of leadership videos highlights the importance of coaching, data use, and collaboration. Also included in the library are videos that center on teacher and school leader evaluation practices. The accompanying Facilitator's Guide provides additional resources and activities for faculty to use with their students and for professional learning coordinators to use with current-service teachers.