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Coaching & Custom Programs

Engage or Partner with the Ayers Institute

Classroom instruction and school leadership are the top school-related factors that influence student learning.  For students at all levels to achieve their highest potential, teachers and leaders must be equipped and empowered to help students reach these goals.  Educators thrive when they are engaged in continuous learning that focuses on personalized goals.

Consistent with our mission, the Ayers Institute seeks to build capacity in teachers and education leaders. Each Ayers Institute partner or client has different objectives. To that end, the Ayers Institute works with individual schools, districts, and educational organizations to provide customized learning experiences and personalized coaching or support.

We invite you to contact us to begin the conversation about how the Ayers Institute can help you achieve your goals!

What is possible?

  • You are searching for ways to improve your own professional practice
  • You need solutions for how to provide professional learning experiences in innovative and flexible ways
  • You want to build capacity in the educators in your school or district

Specific to Your Goals

Whether you have a focused professional learning need or are looking for a long-term partner in your educational journey, there are many ways to engage or partner with the Ayers Institute.

  • Instructional and leadership coaching 
  • Professional learning customized to goals/objectives
  • Specific project collaboration

Partner with Ayers Institute to enhance your success.

Please contact us to begin the conversation about how the Ayers Institute can help you achieve your school or organization goals.