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Resource-Sharing Portal. The new go-to online resource for Tennessee teachers and leaders is now ready for use!

The Ayers Institute for Learning and Innovation at Lipscomb University has launched the initial phase of, an online portal that features instructional resources for educators in Tennessee and beyond.

A wealth of resources

This website hosts units, lessons, task arcs, assessments, videos, and professional learning materials that were created specifically for eduTOOLBOX or were migrated from quality sources that were vetted by the Ayers Institute.  The portal also links to exclusive instructional and professional learning resources from the Ayers Institute.

At launch, the eduTOOLBOX website provides access to hundreds of academic items through the “Instructional Exchange” and “Educator’s Toolkit” sections.  The “Tennessee Tools” featured section contains a set of resources that are specifically licensed for use by Tennessee educators.  K-12 educators can locate instructional materials and professional learning content that is easily applied to their local setting.  Higher education instructors and students will find that eduTOOLBOX is a rich source of materials that can be incorporated into classroom learning activities and/or course projects.

This is just the start for the eduTOOLBOX resource-sharing portal.  Future phases of the eduTOOLBOX project will introduce additional interactive features and new, original resources that are specifically aligned to Tennessee’s academic standards.

Website sections

  • Instructional Exchange
  • Educator’s Toolkit
  • Ayers Exclusives
  • Tennessee Tools
  • Crosswalk Charts

Supporting academic success

Creative educators will discover many powerful ways to use eduTOOLBOX to support student success.  Here are five specific ways to use eduTOOLBOX within K-12 and higher education settings:

  1. Current-service K-12 educators can browse the learning plans and instructional resources to aid in planning lessons that are both standards aligned and relevant to their students.
  2. Pre-service teachers can review the materials on eduTOOLBOX to gain insight into realistic and effective planning and assessment.
  3. Teacher-preparation faculty in higher education can use eduTOOLBOX items as classroom examples or as components of learning activities.
  4. Showcase high-quality student work (e.g. unit plans) by submitting them for publication on the eduTOOLBOX resource-sharing portal. This recognition could be highlighted on the student’s résumé.
  5. Collaborate with the Ayers Institute to use eduTOOLBOX as the digital-distribution component for future grant and project proposals.

Getting started

Visit today and browse the high-quality academic resources.  Create your free user account by using the registration form so that you can gain access to Ayers Institute exclusive and state-specific resources.