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General Education

Begin your academic journey with a solid foundation made up of what matters.

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At the heart of the Lipscomb experience is our general education core curriculum, designed to provide you with the essential skills, ideals and knowledge to prepare you to confidently pursue what comes next. As a Christian liberal arts institution, we will set you up with a wide breadth of understanding and practical skills covered in core subjects such as the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and mathematics—all of which will be integrated with faith and practice that focuses on your spiritual growth. Because at Lipscomb, it is our faithful purpose that sets us apart.

Through our general education core curriculum, you will not only build a foundation of knowledge, you will also explore a variety of disciplines to discover your unique gifts and passions, and engage with different cultures and worldviews with integrity and compassion.

No matter what major you end up choosing, these core courses will prepare you to be a critically-thinking, globally engaged, service-minded individual who is ready to creatively lead change—with a faithful perspective and compassionate heart.


Start with a strong basis for your education. Through Lipscomb’s foundations courses, you will be able to think critically and ethically, engage in the tradition of academic conversation, cultivate your curiosity, deepen your understanding of values and Christian beliefs, and more. By gaining a broad understanding of the most critical elements of a Christian liberal arts education, you will be prepared to succeed in whatever field you choose. You will be required to complete 26 hours of foundations coursework in total.


Let your curiosity lead you to discover all of the different areas of study and work you can pursue. Find what best fits with your personality, goals and heart. In our explorations courses, you will be introduced to the four main liberal arts, which will develop your marketable skills, allow you to find what most intrigues you and prepare you for a life of learning. You will be required to complete one course in each of the four areas for a total of 12 hours of explorations coursework. At least six hours (two of the four areas) must be fulfilled by integrated coursework, which may also be satisfied by a Lipscomb semester-long global learning program.


Learn how best to engage with people of all different backgrounds and beliefs, in various cultures and countries, whether that’s in your immediate and local communities or halfway around the globe. Through project-based learning, Lipscomb’s engagements course will connect your studies to current world issues and prepare you to make a difference as a global citizen. This multidisciplinary course will be co-taught by at least one faculty member and professionals from other disciplines. It will investigate a particular theme using insights and methods from various liberal arts subjects and Bible teachings. This course also meets an elective Bible requirement.

Core Requirements

In addition to the requirements above, additional requirements are required for the for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Professional Studies, and Bachelor of Science degrees. Learn more about specific details including information applicable to transfer students in the General Education requirement section in the Academic Catalog.