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Animation Foundations Certificate

Program Overview

Program Overview

Embark on Your Animation Journey Online.

Welcome to the graduate level Animation Foundations Certificate, a transformative program designed for beginning animators and artists who aspire to delve into the vibrant world of animation. Whether you come from a background in graphic design, fine arts, or are stepping into the realm of animation for the first time, our certificate is crafted to enhance your skills in key areas of animation, preparing you for a successful career in this dynamic industry.

Your animation career starts here. Dive into the world of animation with confidence and creativity. This Animation Foundations Certificate offers a comprehensive pathway for you to master fundamental animation skills, guided by industry experts. By the end of the program, you'll have not only improved your artistic abilities but also gained a solid understanding of animation principles that will serve as the cornerstone of your career in animation.

Apply today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled animator, ready to bring your unique visions to life in the ever-evolving world of animation.


Who Should Apply?

This certificate is ideal for artists and designers looking to transition into animation, or those who have a passion for animation but lack formal training in specific animation skills.

If you're eager to build a strong foundation in animation and prepare for a career in this exhilarating field, our Animation Foundations Certificate is for you.








Customize Your Degree (Stackable MFA)

Certificate + Certificate + Certificate + Capstone = Stackable Master of Fine Arts

Combine this certificate with two others in creative arts sectors to craft your own Master of Fine Arts degree program. Our stackable certificates offer not only versatility but also an economical path to a prestigious qualification. Pave your way toward an MFA in Entertainment, Design & Creative Enterprise – a degree that stands as the pinnacle of achievement in the fine arts. Learn more about the MFA stackable degree. 

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2D Advanced Animation TV Writing Screenwriting

Coming Soon: CG Advanced Animation Program

In Fall 2025, this program will be the perfect bridge to advanced proficiency for individuals already grounded in the fundamentals. The curriculum will focus on advanced character animation techniques, complex CG modeling and texturing, storytelling and conceptualization, as well as rigging and skinning characters for animation, using the latest industry-standard software and tools.

Please email melissa.forte [at] lipscomb.edutarget="_blank" for more information on this upcoming program.


Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

* Due to high demand enrollment is limited

All applicants to the animation foundations certificate graduate program must submit the following:

  • Application Form. Each applicant must complete an application form. The application form is available at
  • Application Fee. Each application should be accompanied by a $50 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Official Transcript(s). Each applicant must submit an official transcript, showing degree conferral when appropriate, from all schools attended. Official transcript(s) Undergraduate degrees with a cumulative 3.0 GPA will receive priority consideration.
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Résumé

* The admission process also includes an interview which will be scheduled through the program director. 




Faculty to student ratio

Comprehensive Skill Development

Our curriculum is focused on foundational skills essential for every animator. You will improve and learn new techniques in figure drawing, character design, 2D animation, and the basics of CG (Computer Generated) Animation. These core areas are critical for building a versatile and robust animation portfolio.

Expert Feedback and Guidance

Each course within the certificate is led by an industry professional instructor, ensuring that you receive high-quality, relevant instruction. Classes meet once a week for live feedback sessions via Zoom, allowing you to engage directly with your instructor, ask questions, and receive personalized critiques that will help refine your work and push your creative boundaries.

Supplemental Video Support and Assignments

To complement your learning and ensure you can practice and apply your skills, our program includes a rich library of video support materials and assignments. These resources are designed to reinforce live instruction, allowing you to learn and experiment at your own pace while ensuring you stay on track with your progress.

Our Faculty

  • Melissa Forte headshot

    Melissa Forte

    Associate Professor and Chair, Cinematic Arts

    After six years of industry work with the Walt Disney World company in Orlando, Fla., Melissa Forte returned to Ohio University to complete an M.A. in Media Studies and an...

    Meet Melissa Forte
  • Mike Nawrocki headshot

    Mike Nawrocki

    Visiting Professor

    As co-creator of "VeggieTales," co-founder of Big Idea Entertainment and the voice of the beloved Larry the Cucumber, Mike Nawrocki has been part of the pulse of the "VeggieTales" brand,...

    Meet Mike Nawrocki
  • Tony Bancroft headshot

    Tony Bancroft

    Program Director

    Meet Tony Bancroft
  • Steve Taylor

    Steve Taylor

    Assistant Professor

    Steve Taylor is a filmmaker, writer, producer and recording artist who earned his "Renaissance Man" stripes (Prism Magazine) from a body of work that's garnered him multiple Grammy, Billboard, Telly,...

    Meet Steve Taylor
  • Tony Bancroft headshot

    Tony Bancroft

    Program Director

    Meet Tony Bancroft
  • Mike Meredith headshot

    Mike Meredith

    Assistant Professor

    Meet Mike Meredith
  • Lipscomb Featured Faculty

    Diana Coco-Russell

    Adjunct Faculty

    Meet Diana Coco-Russell
  • Eric Stars

    Eric Stars

    Visiting Professor

    With over a decade of experience working as a professional animator and visual effects artist, Eric Stars comes to Lipscomb University from Fivestone Studios. Stars' primary focus is 3D character...

    Meet Eric Stars
  • Jake Morgan headshot

    Jake Morgan

    Marketing Videography Producer

    Meet Jake Morgan
  • Lori Fischer

    Lori Fischer

    Adjunct Faculty

    Lori Fischer (MFA, NYU Dramatic Writing Department) is an Independent Vision Award Nominee for Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting for her feature film Chasing Taste. Chasing Taste was also the Feature Comedy Award...

    Meet Lori Fischer