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Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Lipscomb University does not condone or overlook sexual misconduct.

Can we be any clearer? Any report of sexual misconduct will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. So, now that the foundational principle is clear, let’s move on to another concept we DO fully support: sexual misconduct prevention. In this section of the university’s website, you will find material to both report sexual misconduct when it happens and where to go for resources as well as a few pointers on prevention.

Two important clarifications:


When an incident of sexual misconduct occurs, it is natural for the victim and bystanders to worry about the consequences of reporting the incident. Lipscomb grants immunity to any person(s) who make a good-faith report—or intervene to support a survivor of sexual misconduct—from being charged with violations of other institutional policies.  What does this mean? Many things, but an example might be this: statistics show that a majority of sexual misconduct assaults involve alcohol. The university supports our state’s ban on underage drinking. However, sexual misconduct is illegal regardless of alcohol use. Students who report such an incident will not be charged by the university with violation of the alcohol policy.


Who will know and what will they know is also a natural concern in reporting an incident of sexual misconduct, as a victim or a bystander. The university is committed to protect the privacy of all individuals involved in an alleged violation of its policies, and every effort will be made to protect the privacy of all individuals involved, including bystanders, in a manner consistent with the need for thorough review of the allegations.