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Program Details

IDEAL is a unique two-year program created to offer a college experience for students with intellectual disabilities. The program is based on the Think College Standards and is designed to encourage and support students as they experience college with their peers. IDEAL students will take classes, go to sporting events, eat in the cafeteria and enjoy just being a college student—all as a part of the Lipscomb community.

Admissions Process

Fall 2025

  • We encourage students to attend Summer Academy prior to beginning their application process. Summer Academy is offered in June every year and is open for students ages 17 and up. Early admissions decisions may be made following Summer Academy each year.
  • Applications open July 15th and are accepted until December 16th to enroll in the Fall 2025 semester.
  • Applications will only be reviewed after all materials have been submitted.
  • Applicants will be notified of next steps once application materials are reviewed by the admissions committee.
  • Decision letters will be mailed on or before February 15.

Note: Due to space limitations, it is possible that not all applicants who meet the criteria for admission will be interviewed or accepted into the IDEAL Program.

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