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Frequently Asked Questions about the Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration

What is the Lipscomb Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration (LIBHI)?
The U. S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) created the Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program in order to increase behavioral health access to underserved populations. Lipscomb’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program received one of the largest grants in Lipscomb's history from HRSA in order to address the national shortage of behavioral health professionals trained to serve in integrated settings. We subsequently created the Lipscomb Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration or LIBHI. In addition to the joy of serving vulnerable populations, students receive a $10,000 stipend and additional specialized training that will enhance their employment opportunities.

Lipscomb has received two grants in the area of behavioral health integration. What is the difference between the two grants?
In September of 2018, the Department of Clinical Mental Health Counseling was awarded an additional grant from HRSA to focus on the Opioid Crisis. This program is called the LIBHI@FQHC (Lipscomb Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration at Federally Qualified Health Centers ). These additional funds were awarded to place students with either Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center or Neighborhood Health where they serve Internship I and II. These internships will include training in working with patients seeking Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in addition to behavioral health integration in a primary care setting. In addition to the $10,000 living stipend, students accepted into the LIBHI@FQHC program will also have the opportunity to attend a national trainings on integrated care with all expenses paid, receive an iPad/Apple Pencil, receive licensure test preparation materials, and greatly enhance their marketability as a mental health professional with specialized training.

How do I receive the $10,000 and do I have to use the funds to pay for tuition?
Any qualified student who agrees to serve both Internship I and II in an approved integrated internship site and completes the requirements will receive the $10,000 stipend. The funds are issued without any guidelines on how they are spent. They are intended to help defray living expenses and allow students to focus more fully on their graduate program.

Who qualifies to participate in the Initiative for Behavioral Health Integration?
Any full time, degree seeking, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling student who is a U. S. Citizen is eligible to apply.

Who can I speak to if I have additional questions about the Initiative?
Dr. Ribeiro is the grant director and can answer your questions about the overall scope, mission and vision of the initiative. Lynn Strevell is the grant administrator and is available to answer any practical or technical questions you may have. You can email her at