Campus buzzes with career-focused academic summer camp for youngsters

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Each year Lipscomb University hosts a variety of academic camps for middle and high schoolers interested in various career fields such as health care, journalism, forensic science, robotics and law. Students from across the nation attend these camps, designed to give youngsters a peek inside their potential future job and to enhance the skills needed to be successful in those careers.


Already in June, students have visited campus for:

THSPA Journalism Camp
June 2-5, 2013
The annual Lipscomb-THSPA Journalism Camp offers sessions including news writing, feature writing, sports writing, design/layout, editing, photography, advertising, social media and video. Students produce their own written and video newscasts throughout the week.



health care acad 2013 2
health care acad 2013 1

Lipscomb-HCA/TriStar Health Care Academy
June 9-14, 2013

This year the  Lipscomb-HCA/TriStar Health Care Academy  included 31 participants from across Tennessee, the Southeast and states such as Texas and New Jersey. The campers toured HCA/TriStar Summit Medical Center, worked with Lipscomb’s cutting-edge patient simulators in its 16-bed Health Science Simulation Center, learned to take blood pressure, and worked with medications in the pharmacy labs.

The academy introduces rising 10th- through 12th-grade students to a wide variety of health science professions with experiences related to pharmacy, nursing, nutrition and exercise science. Students enjoyed hands-on experiences and participated in science laboratories as well as instruction in CPR, basic first aid, EKG, AED and non-invasive measurements such as blood pressure and pulse.

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Impact 2014
Impact 2014 2

June 14-17, 2013
IMPACT is an on-campus summer camp providing an atmosphere for teens to develop a personal faith, allowing them to impact their world for Christ. IMPACT Junior is for 6th- through 8th-graders. The main focus of IMPACT is Christ: whether it is through prayer, praise, classes or the messages of the speakers, IMPACT week has been one that teens cherish. The IMPACT theme is always a mystery till the curtain opens. The theme is developed with varied emphasis on different elements of Christian faith from evangelism and textual studies to spiritual development.


June 17-22, 2013

The faith-based, on-campus summer camp continues for 9th- through 12-graders.





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CSI Academy: In Cold Blood
June 17-21, 2013

This one-week academy for rising 7th- through rising 12th-grade students focuses on the analytical techniques of forensic science. Students will learn by investigating a mock crime scene and collecting and analyzing evidence using modern forensic science laboratory methods. Students will put fingerprint, blood, unknown chemical, ink and other evidence together, then present their case to a “jury.” The presentation will require students to apply scientific and forensic principles learned during the academy.


Law Camp
June 24-28, 2013

Law Camp is for 9th- through 12th-grade students hosted by the Institute for Law, Justice & Society. Law Camp participants spend a week exploring careers in the legal arena. The camp provides networking opportunities with attorneys, lobbyists, elected officials, law enforcement officers and corporate executives as well as opportunities to explore sports and entertainment law, health care law, social justice issues, the court system and the legislative process. The mock court case incorporated into the camp provides students with a chance to discover their own legal skills.

Law camp 2013 2


July brings a host of robotics camps for all ages and a camp for the fine arts:


weebots 2013 1
weebots 2013 2

WeeBots Camp
July 1–3, 2013

This three-day camp introduces campers age 6-8 (completed kindergarten) to introductory concepts in mechanics, electricity, and robotics through hands-on activities. The camp is designed to show kids the connections between basic science and the modern world of automation and to develop an awareness of the underlying engineering principles used in robotics.

Nineteen campers learned about gears, batteries and circuits during the week in activities like mixing up pudding with anold-fashioned eggbeater, playing with magnets, playing with a spirograph and building their own waddling duck robot.

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Summer Scholars
July 5-14

Lipscomb Summer Scholars is an academic program that emphasizes experiential learning and includes visits to Nashville area attractions and activities. Summer Scholars get a head start on their college career by earning three hours of college credit and by experiencing a slice of college life before heading off to their full college experience as a freshman. Students can select from five college-level courses.

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Robotics Academy
July 8-11, 2013

This premier robotics experience for students age 13 and above extends the camper's previous knowledge of robotics by introducing them to programming concepts. Both graphical and procedural programming methods are taught, introducing the software engineering concepts of algorithm and program design, sensor interfacing, basic microprocessor input/output, and variable-speed motor control.

Accounting Academy
July 8-11

For the 12th year, the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants welcomed high school students from throughout Tennessee to take part in a four-day camp called the Accounting Academy hosted at Lipscomb University July 8-11. During the program, students are introduced to accounting, finance, economics, leadership and management as CPAs and business leaders share their experience, provide tips for success and discuss educational opportunities.

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Junior BisonBots Camp
July 9–12, 2013

This four-day camp introduces campers age 8-11 to basic mechanics, electricity, and robotics concepts through a variety of in-class and studio-based exercises. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, a variety of activities are used to introduce the children to concepts such as electrons and current flow, simple DC circuits, motors, axles, and wheels, and the application of these concepts to robotics.


Fine Arts Summer Academy
July 13-27

The Fine Arts Summer Academy is the flagship arts academy of the Annie Moses Band. An intensive program for young musical artists, the academy bolsters the technical development of students and puts that technique to work with on-stage, performing experience. Founded and hosted by the Annie Moses Band, the Juilliard-trained, Nashville-native pop string band of PBS fame, the academy is one of the largest educational arts events in Music City.


Fundamentals BisonBot Robotic Camp
July 15-19, 2013

Campers age 10-14 learn basic robotic principles involving electrical circuits, batteries, switches, DC motors and robotic arm- and hand-actuators. They build their own challenging six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm, and even learn how to solder.


Advanced BisonBot Robotic Camp
July 22-26, 2013

This camp is for students age 12 and above with some robot experience and will extend their knowledge in mechanical and electrical principles, wireless communication, providing them with opportunities to learn and apply various robot design and construction techniques.