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Lipscomb Songwriting Contest 2023

Calling all young songwriters!

Nashville is the capitol of the songwriting world, and the Lipscomb Commercial Music department is intimately connected with that community. We train creatives in the art and business of pursuing a career in music that is inspired and inspiring.

We are looking for submissions from young songwriters who are interested in honing their craft. We welcome submissions from any one who meets our criteria and have had submissions from across the world. You do not have to be associated with Lipscomb in any way to apply. 

Requirements for the songs are as follows:

  • Songwriter and/or co-writers must all be between 13-19 years of age and must not have begun courses at a University.
  • Songs need not be of any particular genre, but must feature music and lyric content
  • Songs must be at least two minutes in length but no more than six minutes
  • Songwriter must submit a lyric sheet for the song
  • Entry should be an audio recording but can be delivered as an electronic file (MP3, MP4, Wav or AIFF format) or a link to an online delivery platform (ie. Soundcloud, Apple Music or Spotify)
  • Songwriters may only submit one song. Submitting more than one song will disqualify both entries.

Songs are not being submitted for publication and Lipscomb University will not retain any of the rights for any songs that a writer presents.

The deadline was March 15th, at Midnight CST. We are currently evaluating entries.

Finalist will be announced by March 31, 2023 and the winner will be announced on April 15, 2023.

All finalists will receive feedback on their song from published, commercial songwriters on our faculty.

The overall winner will receive a small studio package including a Universal Audio interface, Presonus Faderport and a Sennheiser large diaphragm microphone.


Information on the 2022 winners is available here.

Questions?  Email jemcpherson [at] (subject: Lipscomb%20Songwriting%20Contest)