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Upcoming Events - School of Music

Full List of 2023-2024 School of Music Events

Spring 2024

January 28th: Brendan Jacklin's Faculty Recital, Ward Hall, 4:00pm

February 2nd: First Friday Concert, Beaman Library, 1:00pm

February 5th: Scott Carrell Guest Piano Concert, Ward Hall, 7:30pm

February 25th: NPAC Honors Recital, Ward Hall, 2:00pm

February 25th: Elisabeth Pridonoff and Jerome Reed Duo Piano Recital, Ward Hall, 6:00pm

February 26th: Film Orchestra Concert, Collins Auditorium, 5:00pm

March 1st: First Friday Concert, Beaman Library, 1:00pm

March 5th: Jazz Ensemble, Collins Auditorium, 7:00pm

March 7th: University Chorale, Collins Auditorium, 7:00pm

March 16th-17th: Middle Tennessee Sinfonietta, Collins Auditorium

March 23rd: Wild Bison Fest

March 30th: Jayna Powell Senior Cello Recital, Ward Hall, 4:00pm

April 4th-6th: Singarama

April 5th: First Friday Concert, Beaman Library, 1:00pm

April 6th: Ellie Lundy & Anna Touchstone Recital, Ward Hall, 3:00pm

April 9th: Cahill Smith Guest Recital, Ward Hall, 7:30pm

April 9th: Thomas Butler Junior Recital, Ward Hall, 7:00pm

April 11th: Student Scholars Symposium

April 13th: Bruce Broughton Residency

April 13th: Concerto Recital  Matthew Martin & Anthony Zamora, Ward Hall, 7:30pm

April 14th: Green Hills Wind Symphony with Bruce Broughton, Shinn Ballroom, 3:00pm

April 15th: Wind Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra/Chorale, Shinn Ballroom, 7:00pm

April 21st: Chamber Singers Concert, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3:00pm 

April 21st: Worship Ensemble - Awaken, Shamblin, 6:00pm

April 21st: Worship Ensemble - Lighthouse, Shamblin, 7:30pm

April 22nd: Commercial Ensemble - LEARN & CREATE, Shamblin, 7:00pm

April 23rd: Commercial Ensemble - PLAY & LEARN, Shamblin 7:00pm

April 23rd: Collaborative Piano Concert, Ward Hall 7:30pm

April 24th: Commercial Ensemble - PLAY & LEARN, Shamblin, 7:00pm

April 24th: Avalon Quartet, Ward Hall, 7:00pm