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Undergraduate Programs - Health Sciences

As an undergrad, you have two tracks: nursing and health sciences. With our online, interactive platform and state-of-the art simulation lab, your learning will go well beyond the textbook. From the basics of bedside manner to rehabilitating sports injuries, you’ll get hands-on practice so you can serve the greater good.

  • Certificate, Bachelor of Science, Minor

    Help others adopt a healthier lifestyle through diet and nutrition. Learn about where food comes from, how its preparation affects its nutritional value and how it is processed by the human body. Our accredited undergraduate dietetics program is designed to provide a high-quality education with a Christian perspective.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Exercise Science

    Our interdisciplinary program teaches you how to empower your community through wellness, health and fitness. You will examine how the human body functions, moves, and grows stronger, so that you can make a difference in the health care field.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Fitness and Sport Studies

    This unique program combines the fundamentals of kinesiology with courses in business and psychology to equip you with the all skills you’ll need to thrive in the field of fitness, wellness, and strength and conditioning. Whatever your desired career path may be, you will be holistically equipped.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Food Systems Management

    Master the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, from human resources to food production. Learn about meal planning and preparation, culinary design and development, safety and service guidelines, and the business management skills to combine it all.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Health and Physical Education

    Let us further develop your passion for education and health so you can be a catalyst of the younger generation’s future success. Our expert faculty will train you to develop both physical activity and health curricula programs giving you a sought-after holistic approach to health and physical education.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Here, you'll get a high quality education in medical surgical courses and all specialty areas including: critical care, obstetrics, pediatrics, mental health and community-based learning. “Practice before you practice" in our on-campus, state-of-the-art high fidelity patient simulation lab. Begin learning in the health care capital of the U.S.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Sport Management

    Hone skills and gain experience in the business, management and marketing aspects of the athletics and fitness industries. With three major league teams and four Division I NCAA schools, Nashville abounds with opportunities to match your sport management passion.

  • Minor

    Develop your knack for leadership and athletics into a career. You’ll gain expertise in both the physiological and psychological aspects of coaching including the crucial topics such as first aid and emergency care, prevention of athletic injuries and sociology of sport.