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Math Placement Test

If you apply as a test-optional applicant, we need to gauge your mathematics capabilities to place you in the appropriate math course.

Who Needs to Take the Math Placement Test?

Most students who have not taken the ACT, SAT or CLT need to take the Math Placement test. If you fall into one of the below categories, you need to take the test.

  • Test optional with no test score on file, unless you have transfer/dual enrollment/AP* credit that:
    • Satisfies the prerequisite for the math class you need to take.
    • Satisfies the general education requirement and you do not need another math class at Lipscomb.
  • Test optional with an unofficial score on file
    • You can also submit official scores if you prefer via admissions [at]
  • Desire to place in a higher math course.

*Please be aware that AP scores are rarely reported before advising. We recommend signing up for the course you would take if you did not pass the AP exam but leaving room in your schedule for the course you actually want to take.

*If you are "test optional with no test score on file" and feel anxious about taking a math course, we recommend taking the math placement test and a math course sooner rather than later. This will set you up for a better college and academic experience!

What You Need to Know