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Test Optional Admission Process

Lipscomb University will be test-optional for most first-year applicants entering in Fall 2023 and 2024. However, Lipscomb does accept scores from the Classic Learning Test which has several available registration dates, including remote proctored exams as well as in-person testing at partner colleges, including Lipscomb.  

Students who are unable to submit standardized test results, or who choose not to, will not be disadvantaged in the admission process. For those students who do submit standardized testing results, we will continue to use the scores as one component in our holistic review of applications.

In reviewing applications that do not include standardized test results, the Admission Committee will place greater emphasis on other required application credentials including academic performance, course rigor, rank in class, personal statements, recommendations and co-curricular involvement. 

Given the challenges high school students face during this uncertain time, Lipscomb is hopeful this will help to alleviate concerns for students who have been unable to adequately prepare or register for standardized tests.