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Program Requirements

The Honors College strives to make you competitive at the highest levels by offering classes that are more engaging, experiential and challenging.

And we suspect you’ve never turned your back on an academic challenge! Below are the requirements for students to graduate with Honors.

Honors College Scholar - 18 hours (Honors Core)

In order to graduate with Honors, students must complete 18 hours of honors courses. There are no specific honors courses that students have to take - 18 hours can be taken from any of the options below. The requirements to graduate with honors fit into any degree program at Lipscomb.

  • HN 1103 - Honors Freshman Seminar
  • HN 1003 - Communication, Technology, and Society
  • HN 2113 - Honors Integrated Literature
  • HN 3301 - Honors Engagements
  • Honors Bible Courses: Story of Jesus, Story of the Church, Story of Israel 
  • Honors Philosophy Courses: Philosophy of Religion, Ethical Theory
  • Honors Contracts: Honors students can take out a contract with their professors in any 2000 level or higher course in order to make it an honors course. The contract can include a research project for science classes or a longer, more in depth paper for English courses, just to name a few examples.

Honors College Fellow - 22 Hours (Honors Core + Senior Project)

Honors students have the option of completing an Honors Thesis in their senior year, and are required to take two additional one hour classes in order to complete the project. Students that complete this senior project earn the designation of Honors College Fellow. 

  • HN 3111 - Preparing the Senior Project
  • HN 4003 - Senior Project