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Program Requirements

The Honors College strives to make you competitive at the highest levels by offering classes that are more engaging, experiential and challenging.

And we suspect you’ve never turned your back on an academic challenge! Below are the requirements for students to graduate with Honors.

Honors College Scholar 

In order to graduate as an Honors College Scholar, students must complete the Liberal Arts Heritage curriculum, selecting courses in six core liberal arts areas: The Ancient World (non-literature humanities), The Modern World (non-literature humanities), Literature, The Sciences, Society & Perspectives, and Faith & Reason.

Honors College Fellow (Honors Scholar + Senior Project)

An Honors Fellow attains a higher distinction by completing an Honors Thesis, as well as the Liberal Arts Honors Core and taking the courses listed below.

  • HN 3111 - Preparing the Senior Project
  • HN 4003 - Senior Project

Maintaining GPA - Honors Caveat

If an honors student fails to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5, the student will be notified of his or her provisional status in The Honors College. A student with a GPA lower than 3.5 will have two additional semesters to meet the standard, after which they will be suspended from the college. Suspended students may reapply after re-establishing a 3.5 GPA.


Course Offerings