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A Message From The Honors College Director


Excelere Ultra. 

Recently, our Honors students chose a new slogan for the Lipscomb Honors College. They unanimously agreed that “Excelere Ultra” captures the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish. To excel beyond… 

Beyond what?

Well, that part is up to our students and alumni with their exceptionally wide variety of interests, passions, and callings. 

In myriad ways, they are excelling beyond… beyond expectations – both their own and others’, beyond their current potential, beyond their cultural and societal borders.

Jesus calls us to excel beyond. We are to be “in the world, but not of the world.” At an institution like Lipscomb, where our mission is to be “a Christ-centered community preparing learners for purposeful lives through rigorous academics and transformative experiences,” the Honors College is poised particularly well to capitalize on the university’s resources and provide such a transformative experience to our highest achieving students.

The Honors College offers many courses within the Liberal Arts Heritage curriculum, which encourages our students to excel beyond standard general education courses, taking courses specifically focused on the Liberal Arts, courses like Moral Philosophy, Medieval European History, and African American Literature. In addition to the elevated academic experience, our students also enjoy unique cultural learning opportunities, and they engage in top-level academic research as part of their Honors College experience at Lipscomb. Our students have recently won prestigious awards for their work in journalism, in the sciences, and in leadership and public service; they continue Lipscomb’s long tradition of prestigious scholarship with awards like the Fulbright; and they continue to win spots in our nation’s most prestigious graduate and professional schools. 


Alan Bradshaw, Director of the Honors College

To sum it all up, it is an exciting time for the Honors College at Lipscomb. We are well-poised to excel beyond, as we prayerfully pursue our goal to be a top-tier Honors College among American academic institutions. And we know that the only way we can reach this goal is to have YOU involved… whether you are a current student, an alumnae, a parent, or just a friend of the Honors College, we welcome your active participation in our mission! So thank you for taking the time to learn more about YOUR Honors College!

Warm regards, 

Alan Bradshaw
Director, Honors College