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Community Leaders

Lipscomb University is made up of people whose lives are marked by service to others.

Students show off t-shirts for a cause

They are known for driving change and influencing many, extending their reach far beyond the walls of the university and multiplying it in communities around the world. This has been true from the start of the institution. Today, there are many members of Lipscomb’s personnel who embody the same beliefs and values of its founder, David Lipscomb, who was known for his service to the community of Nashville. They are leaders in health care, education, technology, business and numerous other fields. Through their work, they are living out their faith in Christ as they respond to his mission and call for their lives.

  • Learning to be a servant leader

    David Villacorta Urquia was first introduced to Lipscomb when a group of Lipscomb students came to his home church in Honduras on a spring break mission trip.

  • From sports to scholar

    For Hayden Hall, a senior and Kansas City native, sports were always an outlet.

  • Embodying faith in academics

    When Klarissa Jackson met the group of Lipscomb students who worshipped in her local congregation, she was impressed by their character and demeanor.

  • Shaping future careers in entertainment industry

    MarQo Patton, a Lipscomb Honors awardee, is already shaping the lives of the youngest members of the entertainment industry.

  • Athletic Missions Baja Softball Trip Reflection

    Ask someone about Colonet and Diaz Ordaz and they might tell you they are just cities in Baja California, Mexico.

  • Education alumnus is MasterChef 2018

    Viewers across the country watched as Lipscomb alumnus Gerron Hurt won the Season 9 MasterChef competition with new takes on Southern favorites.

  • Engineering professor awarded $110,000 grant from the National Science Foundation

    In the United States we love our electronics small, convenient and reliable, and now a Lipscomb University engineering professor has received a $110,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help continue the development of the next generation of miniaturized electronics and their reliability.

  • Hannah Minor is Lipscomb's latest Fulbright Scholar

    Like most of Lipscomb’s graduates who attain a Fulbright Scholarship, Minor was familiar with global travel and interested in cultures different from her own. Her maternal grandfather has a Danish heritage, and her immediate family lived in the Bahamas during Minor’s childhood years.

  • Data scientist Qingguo Wang fights cancer one byte at a time

    Cancer: It’s a word that strikes fear when doctors pronounce it.