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Quest Team

The Quest Team serves throughout the entire summer as orientation leaders. They're here to walk students through the entire process from getting to know campus to hanging out during QuestWeek.

2022-2023 Quest Team

2022-2023 Quest Team

Apply for the 2023 Quest Team

Step 1

Review our Application Information Document

Learn more about the commitment associated with being a Quest Team member and the qualifications needed for the position.

Application Information

Step 2

Complete the online application by Friday, Jan. 20

New Member Application Returning Member Application

Step 3

Sign up for an interview time by Friday, Jan. 20

Interviews are held between Jan. 23 and Feb. 3.

Schedule a Quest Team Interview

Step 4

Submit Your References by Friday, Feb. 3

Send the following reference form to two references (only one for returning members). Ensure your references have been submitted by the deadline.

2023 Reference Form