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Quest Team

The Quest Team serves throughout the entire summer as orientation leaders. They're here to walk students through the entire process from getting to know campus to hanging out during QuestWeek.

The Quest Team stands in front of Collins Alumni Auditorium

The 2023 Quest Team

The Quest Team is a group of 30 student leaders who go through a rigorous interview, selection and training process to prepare them to serve new students throughout the entire summer as orientation leaders. The role involves leading and managing groups of 20-60 new students, working closely alongside other Quest Team members on “committees” that are centralized around programming events, and many other miscellaneous tasks to prepare campus and the New Student Orientation programs to welcome new students as best as possible.

Members of the Quest Team play a major role in the development and implementation of Lipscomb University's undergraduate New Student Orientation programs. The position requires hard work and is a serious time commitment; it is also a tremendously rewarding opportunity to help new students maximize their university adjustment and experience. Additionally, this role entails a large amount of physical activity, as New Student Orientation and QuestWeek are fast-paced programs that require many hands to move supplies all across campus to ensure programming runs smoothly and successfully.

Apply for the 2024 Quest Team

Step 1

Review our Application Information Document

Learn more about the commitment associated with being a Quest Team member and the qualifications needed for the position.

Application Information

Step 2

Complete the online application by Friday, January 19th, 2024

Applications are open now until Midnight on Friday, January 19th, 2024. We appreciate your consideration to be a part of the 2024 Quest Team!

New Team Member Application Returning Team Member Application

Step 3

Sign up for an interview time by Friday, January 19th, 2024

Interviews will last approximately 20 minutes and are held between January 22 and February 2nd, 2024.

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to the time your interview is scheduled for in case there are changes in the interview schedule.

Sign Up for an Interview

Step 4

Submit Your References by Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Send the following reference form to two references (only one for returning members). Ensure your references have been submitted by the deadline.

Please consider these requirements when asking for references:

  • Referrers must be older than 20 years old.
  • Referrers cannot be a parent of the applicant.
  • References must include at minimum 1 Lipscomb University reference.
  • Returning Team Members must submit a Lipscomb University reference.

2024 Quest Team Reference Form