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Funding Proposals

Officially recognized Lipscomb student clubs and organizations may apply for funding below.

The SGA hears student proposals for funding at our Senate meetings, held every two weeks on Monday night at 7 p.m.

Apply for Funding

Funding Proposal Process

The Senate meets every two weeks on Monday night. Choose the date you'd like to present, and answer all questions on the form as thoroughly as possible.

Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. in Club 1891, on the third floor of the Bennett Campus Center across from the cafeteria. Your organization will be given a two-minute window to pitch your proposal, after which the Senate will ask questions about your proposal. Everything you submit via our Google Form will be distributed to the Senate.

The Senate will vote to fund your proposal at the following Senate meeting, typically two weeks after your proposal. If this poses a problem for your organization, you can apply for an early funding vote on the Google Form.

Guaranteed $200

SGA recognizes that not all clubs and organizations need to go through the formal proposal process. As a result, SGA has set aside a portion of its budget to guarantee that every registered student organization receives at least $200. Every registered student organization is eligible to receive $200 upon request to support their programs, events and activities. 

Please fill out the application below and indicate your interest in the $200 appropriation to skip the proposal process.

$200 Application


Student Organizations use a centralized purchasing card (p-card) maintained by the Office of Community Life. Please make sure you are familiar with the p-card policies. Please use the button below to reserve a p-card for your organization.



SGA BUDGET 2020-2021

Below is an overview of the approved SGA Fall 2020 budget. For updates or budget inquiries please email sga [at]

View SGA Fall 2020 Budget