School of Public Policy

Working together to achieve bold, courageous action for the common good is lost today in the noise of uncivil discourse and polarization, not just in Washington and not just in government. Action has been replaced with gridlock, and trust in established institutions is at an all-time low. Challenges are more complex and new models for political and community change are required. But things can change -- with a college for those who aspire to help shape and practice a different approach to leadership and public service.


You see the challenges that we face in our communities and our world and you want to do something to make a difference. But you know that passion is not enough. We are here to help. The Lipscomb University School of Public Policy houses graduate studies in Leadership and Public Service. To stay connected and learn more about the School of Public Policy, sign up for our newsletter.

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College of Leadership and Public Service students during a class session.

Graduate Programs

The School of Public Policy offers a Master's in Leadership and Public Service. This one-year Master’s degree focuses on creating and implementing solutions to common community challenges. Through travel courses and internship placements, you will have practical learning experiences that will push you out of the classroom and will build your portfolios and networks that will propel you in your career goals.

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