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Undergraduate Admissions Office continues to connect with prospective students, both virtually and in-person

Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions Johnathan Akin said prospective students remain engaged because planning for the future gives them hope

Cate Zenzen  | 

Lipscomb sunrise

The Lipscomb University Undergraduate Admissions Office serves as the starting point for students as they begin the next chapter of their lives. Campus events and connections with admissions counselors set the precedence for a student’s college experience. Given the overall uncertainty of the year 2020, many may feel apprehensive about planning for the future, but Johnathan Akin, Assistant Vice President of the Undergraduate Admissions Office argues that looking ahead provides prospective students with much needed hope.  

“While times are challenging, families and the enrollment office are very optimistic about the future. We will continue to recruit students and showcase Lipscomb, knowing that students are very excited to connect in anticipation of joining our community in the near future. It gives students hope that they can continue to dream and look forward to pursuing their degree at Lipscomb,” said Akin. 

While prospective students and their families are still able to safely visit campus by appointment, in the past this was one of the primary methods to foster engagement. Now, the virtual world has opened up a whole new strategy for recruitment as it enables the Office to showcase Lipscomb from all angles. 

“Students can participate in remote information sessions, one-on-one zoom interviews with their admissions counselor, remote academic appointments with faculty from their interested major, and even virtual college fairs. It has even put more emphasis on social media engagement. Every week our GoLipscomb social media platforms showcase events such as Takeover Tuesday, where a current student posts about their typical day, and Faculty Friday, when we showcase our favorite professors on campus,” said Akin. 

While there is an increased capacity in student engagement through online platforms, families miss out on the in-person connection. In the past, admissions counselors would travel throughout the world to introduce Lipscomb to prospective students, thereby representing the University as a friendly face and accessible resource. Yet with so many things online, including high school curriculum and college fairs, there has not been an opportunity to safely meet in person. Despite these changes, Akin shared his team is already seeing an increase in interest from students from outside of Tennessee, as these families can engage with the University without physically visiting campus. 

In addition to regular programming this semester, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will host a Lipscomb Preview Week on Nov. 9-13. With informational sessions on academics, financial aid, internship opportunities and life at Lipscomb, as well as virtual departmental meetings, the week will provide families with resources and opportunities for connection. Prospective students who take part in the week will also be encouraged to engage in fun giveaways and social media-based activities. 

“The goal of this week is to pool all our resources so that families can engage with us virtually wherever they are in the enrollment process. It will close out with an in-person modified Lipscomb Friday for those who want to check out campus in person,” said Akin. 

While the Undergraduate Admissions Office has pivoted its strategy in some ways, Akin and his team continue to connect with prospective students and their families. With Lipscomb University continuing to operate under the All Bisons Care Plan, students do not have to miss out on a glimpse of college life, whether that be in-person or virtual. 

Find a full schedule of Lipscomb Preview Week here. For opportunities for further engagement, click here