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Marketing students place in the top 10 at the National Collegiate Digital Marketing Championship

Kim Chaudoin | 

Baylor competition

In a display of strategic acumen and marketing knowledge, a team of marketing students from Lipscomb University's College of Business placed in the top 10 at the prestigious National Collegiate Digital Marketing Championship held this spring at Baylor University. 

Lipscomb finished ahead of Louisiana State University, the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Massachusetts, among others, in the competition. 

John Ribeiro, Gerardo Amaya-Quinteros, Thomas Jenkins and Mateo Villegas represented Lipscomb and were coached by Davis Brown, instructor of marketing. In addition to the team success, Ribeiro achieved individual recognition as the No. 6 nationally ranked candidate for digital marketing jobs and internships.

Brown said the competition was designed to mimic the intensity and excitement of a sporting event. It included challenges like Presentation Pro, Viral, Quantum Quiz and Man vs. Machine. In Presentation Pro, students role-played as campaign managers, crafting data-driven marketing strategies. Viral tested their ability to think quickly in a high-pressure, knowledge-based elimination round. Quantum Quiz resembled a quiz bowl, covering a broad spectrum of digital marketing disciplines, while Man vs. Machine had participants strategize optimal search ad tactics.

"A top-10 finish in this competition is a testament to the quality of our students and their preparation, as well as our digital marketing curriculum,” said Brown. "Their technical knowledge, creativity, data-driven thinking and integrity are indicative of their capability to thrive in this ever-changing field.” 

John Ribeiro receives award

John Ribeiro Ribeiro achieved individual recognition as the No. 6 nationally ranked candidate for digital marketing jobs and internships.

“I am incredibly proud of how our students represented themselves and Lipscomb, showcasing their professionalism and deep market insights. They were eager to compete and diligently prepared for all the competitions,” he continued. “I spoke with the judges and employers who interacted with our students, and they spoke highly of our students' professionalism and knowledge.”

The students also benefited from networking opportunities with digital marketing professionals and attended keynote speeches from influential figures, including the former president and chief marketing officer of Denny's and an account manager from Google. These experiences provided valuable industry insights and professional connections to students, Brown said.

Reflecting on the event, Villegas expressed pride in their performance.

"In a room full of national competitors and big name schools we were able to show our value as Lipscomb students and individuals by leaving positive mark,” he said. “We emphasized that we are not too small to make big things. happen. Next year, we will come back to aim for the title"

Amaya-Quinteros found the competition to be a motivational experience. "It was a fun time, and it inspired me to further expand my knowledge,” he reflected.

Ribeiro shared his personal growth through the competition. "The digital marketing competition at Baylor was a huge learning experience for me and has allowed me to see the fruits of my studies in a competitive academic setting,” he said. “I believe these competitions allow students to utilize skills we have learned in class and to also learn other skills that are hard to teach in a class setting.” 

“One of the most important lessons learned is being able to be comfortable in the uncomfortable,” continued Ribeiro, who served as captain of Lipscomb’s team. “Too many times we get comfortable and are caught off guard when things don’t go our way. But we must be able to think on our feet ,and that’s what these competitions have shown me. So throughout your college career I urge every student to try at least one competition in your fields! 

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