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Graduate Spotlight: Green finds a harmonious blend of faith, music and community at Lipscomb

David Green’s journey at Lipscomb has shaped him into an aspiring worship leader and musician ready to make a meaningful impact in the world.

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Candice McQueen, David Green, Amy Grant

David Green with Lipscomb President Candice McQueen and contemporary Christian artist Amy Grant at the 2022 Lighting of the Green.

When David Green came to Lipscomb he had a clear vision: to cultivate his talents as an aspiring singer-songwriter and pursue his dreams of becoming a full-time worship leader and recording artist. His passion for music and the Gospel message led him to Lipscomb, where he found the perfect platform to merge his artistic aspirations with his faith.

Four years later, Green will receive a bachelor’s degree in worship arts at the university's commencement ceremony on May 4. He attributes this achievement to numerous life-changing experiences, too many to count.

Even before stepping onto campus for his freshman year in 2020, Green’s talent shone brightly. He was selected as a finalist in the annual Lipscomb School of Music songwriting contest for high school students. This early recognition foreshadowed the promising musical journey that awaited him at Lipscomb.

One of the first students in the then-new worship arts program, Green says, “The idea of being a trailblazer and a forerunner for future worship arts majors excited me.”

David Green performing with Sanctuary at the Good Friday Service

David Green with Sanctuary

His enthusiasm continued throughout his time at Lipscomb, where his talent and dedication earned consistent recognition. He garnered multiple awards, notably the Amy Grant Scholarship Award, and showcased his skills across the country as a member of Sanctuary, Lipscomb’s worship vocal group, contributing to two of their EP releases and sharing the stage with recording artist Katy Nichole at the GMA Dove Awards. These achievements not only highlight his personal growth but also reveal the impact he has made within the Lipscomb community and beyond.

One of the most memorable experiences for Green was receiving an email his sophomore year from Randy Gill, assistant dean of the College of Entertainment & the Arts and associate professor of worship arts, connecting him with a local church in search of a full-time worship leader. 

“I had been praying for God to provide me with a consistent home church while in Nashville,” Green recalls and says that opportunity to serve as a worship leader alongside his fiancé, Juliana Roman, for nearly two years became a cherished highlight of his Lipscomb experience.

David Green leading Gospel Choir

David Green leading Gospel Choir

Another influential figure in Green’s journey at Lipscomb has been Aaron Howard, director of the Gospel Choir. He gave Green the opportunity to serve as assistant director of the Gospel Choir, allowing him to teach, provide musical accompaniment, run rehearsals and lead ministry opportunities, all skills that will help in his career goals.

“Dr. Howard has been a mentor of mine since the day we met,” Green says. “He has modeled for me what it means to be a faithful worship leader who loves Christ above all else.” 

Howard’s guidance has not only been instrumental in shaping Green’s musical skills but has also provided support during personal challenges and helped to strengthen his and Roman’s relationship.

As Green prepares to graduate, he plans to return to his hometown of Arlington, VA, to work as a music director and worship leader for a church in Fairfax. In the following year, he intends to return to Nashville, get married, and pursue a career as a worship leader, music director and/or self-employed musician.

Reflecting on his time at Lipscomb, Green expresses profound gratitude. “I am extremely grateful for my time at Lipscomb and for the relationships, opportunities and memories that it has formed,” Green says. 

“Thank you to all those who invest in the life of Lipscomb students. I am a product of your generosity and intentionality. Thank you for helping me fulfill the calling to which God has called me!”