Lifelong Learning Program part of new senior alumni focus

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As Lipscomb’s successful Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) enters its tenth year, it will be a key component of a new Senior Alumni Program launched this fall.

The Senior Alumni Program is designed to target alumni who are age 55 and older and includes programs such as LLP, Summer Hostel and the Golden Circle in addition to new initiatives. Amy Hamar (’82) is leading the new program.

“More than a third of our alumni base is in this stage in life. We have a great opportunity to build on the success of the programs we already have in place for this demographic and expand our service to them,” said Hamar. “It’s important for us to offer opportunities to engage their minds. As a university, that’s what we’re about.”

Hamar said she plans to add more travel opportunities, expand the LLP class offerings and increase communication with this group along with other long-term goals.

The LLP was founded and managed for the past ten years by longtime business faculty member Patty Dugger, who recently retired from the university.

“Patty’s work with this program enabled it to grow and become successful. Her dedication to Lipscomb throughout her professional career has produced many, many positive results. I appreciate Patty’s diligent work and untiring affection for Lipscomb,” said Craig Bledsoe, university provost.

Hamar, who was a student of Dugger’s, said she plans to continue to grow the program.

“As a devoted lifelong learner myself, it is a privilege and honor for me to take on this role carried out so effectively by my friend Patty Dugger. I look forward to building on the strong foundation Patty has laid with many more years of enriching and fun programs for anyone with a passion to learn,” said Hamar.

A graduate of Lipscomb, Hamar brings a unique perspective to the role.

“Amy has a rich history at Lipscomb. She has grown the Summer Hostel program, 50th Class Reunion and Golden Circle Reunion programs to be highly successful and anticipated programs. From those groups she’s increased participation in our alumni and friends summer travel program,” said Bennie Harris, vice president for development and alumni relations. “Her new role is an excellent way to continue to increase services to our senior alumni tailored to their interests and to expand the same program to the community through the Lifelong Learning Program.”

Hamar has served the university for more than 15 years in the university relations and alumni relations areas. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Lipscomb University.

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