Gormley makes a difference by investing in people, finance

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Trevor Gormley wants to change the world.

Gormley tv shotSure, this Lipscomb University sophomore finance and economics major has a heart for service and missions like many college students do.

He devotes time in the summer to working at Camp Shiloh, a camp where children from New York City’s toughest neighborhoods can enjoy games, camp outs and other activities that enrich their lives socially and spiritually.

But, he also has a passion for finance and investments. And, this Southern California native wants to make a difference in the world by teaching others how to invest so they can have a stable financial future and by investing funds, himself, generating monies that he can use to help others.

Gormley is channeling this passion into an investment and portfolio management club for Lipscomb University students. His investment and financial prowess caught the attention of CNBC, and Gormley was featured in a March 31 interview by the network. He may return for another interview this summer. (Click here to watch the interview.)

“It was a great opportunity for me and an honor to be able to share my opinion about various investments on a network like CNBC,” said Gormley. “It was also neat to have the Lipscomb name out there on a national level in this context. It’s pretty cool to think about the types of professionals and leaders in the field who watch that network and to think that I was interviewed on it.”

Gormley was part of a roundtable discussion about the performance of retail investments. He shared his insight and the perspective of young investors.

At the young age of 13, when many boys turn their attention to superheroes, sports and video games, Gormley developed an interest in investments.

“My passion for this started when my dad lost his business,” Gormley recalls. “I wanted to learn how I could help. I wanted to understand how finance and investments worked.”

He caught on quickly. When Gormley and his family moved to Murfreesboro his junior year of high school, he soon found his way to the Tennessee stock game for high schoolers, a competition he won for two consecutive years.

“I read all that I could on banking, investments and finance,” said Gormley, who is also a member of Lipscomb’s track and field team. “I watched CNBC and other finance networks. I talked to people in the industry. I found professionals like Johannes Worsoe, who is currently the Head of Investment Banking & Markets for the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, to mentor me and share their advice and experiences with me. I retained a lot of information because I have a passion for this.”

So, Gormley wants to learn how to invest money so he can live an affluent life, right?

“Money is just a thing,” admits Gormley. “That’s what makes me different from many people in this industry. I look to create value rather than to make money. The world has become so ‘me, me, me.’ People often don’t take much time to see how they can help others. My goal is to be a successful investor so that I will have a lot of resources to be able to give back to others.”

“It’s about influencing others. It’s about pushing people to realize the more you help those around you, the better you become,” he said.

One way Gormley wants to make those around him better is by encouraging students to learn about finance and investments whether or not they want to pursue that as a career.

“Students need to understand how finance and the economy affects their lives,” he said. “They need to know how to save for the future, how to read their 401K statements, how to invest and how to make wise financial decisions. This isn’t about looking at tomorrow’s profit. It’s about preparing for the long term.”

Gormley thought students could learn about these often difficult practices by making it less intimidating and even fun. And the portfolio management club was born. The budding investment guru hopes the club will encourage students to participate in investment competitions, to want to learn more about finance and the economy and to learn presentation skills among other activities.

“These are skills that will not only help them in their careers but also personally,” he said. “I’m excited about this new organization. There is so much potential here. And, Lipscomb is a great place to help foster this in our students. It is such a welcoming community that makes everyone believe they can be somebody.”

Gormley said he also hopes to be a successful investor so he can help others makes their dreams come true.

“So many students have great ideas but don’t have the money to launch them,” he said. “I love investment banking and equity research. My goal in pursuing this career is to be successful financially so that I can give a lot of my money back to others so they can in turn be successful. I follow Steve Jobs’ mantra that ‘I want to be a catalyst for change.’”

When Gormley isn’t studying, running for the school, or planning club activities, he is practicing his investment skill on friends, family and former teachers. Not long ago he helped his former math teacher invest in the market and months later saw a substantial return.

So far, Gormley is pleased with the path his life has taken.

“It’s been a fun journey so far,” he said. “I had no idea I would be sitting where I am today with the business contacts and experiences I have had. You can learn so much if you just work hard and reach out to people. You will make a difference that way. Be whatever you want to be. Don’t stop until you get there.”

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