Lipscomb presents Robert McKee's STORY Seminar Oct. 5-7 at Spark Downtown Nashville

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Lipscomb University’s George Shinn College of Entertainment & the Arts Cinematic Arts program and Rory Feek of Joey+Rory have partnered to bring the prestigious Robert McKee STORY seminar to Nashville, October 5-7 2018 at Lipscomb’s Spark Downtown, NashvilleFor more information and to register for the seminar, click hereMcKee 2

Robert McKee is the most sought screenwriting lecturer around the globe. Dedicating the past 30 years to educating and mentoring screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, poets, documentary makers, producers, and directors internationally, McKee owns the title as “the Aristotle of our time” by his insight of substance, structure, style, and principles comprising the grand art of story.

McKee’s former students include over 60 Academy Award Winners, 200 Academy Award Nominees, 200 Emmy Award Winners, 1,000 Emmy Award Nominees, 100 Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award Winners, 250 WGA Award Nominees, 50 Directors Guild of America (DGA) Award Winners and 100 DGA Award Nominees.

“McKee wrote the definitive book on screenwriting, and his influence on the craft is hard to overstate,” said Steve Taylor, filmmaker-in-residence of the Cinematic Arts program at Lipscomb University and award winning writer, director and recording artist.

“I've attended McKee’s STORY seminar four times over the last two decades. If you’re serious about screenwriting, this investment into your professional development is well worth it.”

Peter Jackson, director of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “The Hobbit” lauds him as, “The Guru of Gurus.” Pixar writers and creators of fan favorites such as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” consider McKee’s STORY Seminar to be a rite of passage. The Robert McKee STORY seminar is intense, with three packed days starting at 9:00 a.m. and concluding at 8:00 p.m.

Grammy winning singer-songwriter Rory Feek shared what inspired him to coordinate the seminar’s visit in Nashville. “I attended McKee’s STORY seminar in New York City hoping to learn more about the craft of storytelling and screenwriting and walked away with a profoundly clearer understanding of life and the challenging obstacles we face on our personal journeys,” he said with experience traversing devastating paradigm shifts in life amid the passing of his wife and singing partner Joey Feek.

“Nashville is home to the greatest storytellers in the world, and I’m honored to be a part of bringing McKee’s insight and wisdom about story to our creative community,” said Feek.McKee 1

“Moment by moment, we all experience our lives each day as a story whether we realize it or not. The wisdom and insight McKee shares in the three days of his seminar have a way of not only making us better storytellers as songwriters, authors, and creators, but as better husbands and wives and as better people.”

Attendees will join a league of writing, acting and directing notables such as Peter Jackson, Jane Campion, Andrew Stanton, Julia Roberts, Geoffrey Rush, Diane Keaton, Paul Haggis, Akiva Goldsman, William Goldman, Joan Rivers, Meg Ryan, Rob Lowe, David Bowie, Kirk Douglas, John Cleese, Steve Pressfield, Russell Brand, Gloria Steinem and the writers of Pixar.

As McKee once said, “Write every day, line by line, page by page, hour by hour. Do this despite fear. For above all else, beyond imagination and skill, what the world asks of you is courage, courage to risk rejection, ridicule and failure. As you follow the quest for stories told with meaning and beauty, study thoughtfully but write boldly. Then, like the hero of the fable, your dance will dazzle the world.”

For more information on Lipscomb University’s George Shinn College of Entertainment & the Arts Cinematic Arts program click here.