Lipscomb named 2014-15 College of Distinction

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Lipscomb University has been honored as a College of Distinction for the 2014-2015 school year. The Colleges of Distinction designation is given to select schools to honor their excellence in student-focused higher education.

Lipscomb University is one of only 294 universities across the nation named to the list. Other institutions receiving this designation include Seton Hall University, Wheaton College and Wake Forest University among others.

“Lipscomb University excels in the four distinctions that we use as criteria for evaluating colleges and universities,” said Tyson Schritter, executive editor of Colleges of Distinction. “Our goal is to recognize institutions that excel in these areas as a way to assist students who are making choices about where to attend college.”

According to Schritter, schools selected must excel in these four distinctions: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes. The colleges and universities are not ranked and instead are members of a consortium of other equally impressive schools, he said.

Colleges of Distinction is a nationally recognized, web-based guide for high school juniors and seniors who are in the college search process. Colleges and universities are nominated for participation by high school counselors, and then evaluated using qualitative and quantitative research.

“We focus on colleges that are the best places to learn, grow and succeed,” said Schritter. “Schools designated as Colleges of Distinction create well-rounded graduates and are among the very best in the country.”

According to the Colleges of Distinction website, a College of Distinction is nationally recognized by education professionals as an excellent school, strongly focused on teaching undergraduates and whose students are taught by credentialed professors, not by graduate students or teaching assistants, home to a wide variety of innovative learning experiences, an active campus with many opportunities for personal development and highly valued by graduate schools and employers for its outstanding preparation.

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