Dean Institute for Corporate Governance & Integrity

In an era of widespread corporate malfeasance, the Dean Institute proposes a different model of leadership. One where character and ethical decision-making define success. One where faith and compassion count more than the bottom line. One where working for the greater good moves all of us forward.

Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity


Founded in 2008 with a gift from a former Ernst & Young LLP vice chairman, the Dean Institute focuses on doing good business. Here, corporate directors and officers have the opportunity to converse and collaborate with each other—through lectures, networking events, and workshops—about employing honesty and fairness in the workplace.

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Boardroom Briefings

Boardroom Briefings is a program presented by Lipscomb University's Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity in partnership with Nashville's major law firms, accounting firms and public companies. It is designed to be a unique opportunity for officers and directors of area public companies to come together to discuss emerging best practice issues of immediate concern to boards and to network.

Business with Purpose

For those who exemplify faith and integrity in how they conduct themselves and their businesses, Lipscomb bestows the Hero of Business award. Honorees share their stories with aspiring business students, demonstrating that the only real path to success is by following ethical business practices and God’s will.