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Off-Script: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy

  • An Admissions Update From The Admissions Coordinator

    March 22, 2022

               As most of you know, the last couple of years have been… different. We’ve heard the word ‘unprecedented’ more often than we would ever care to hear it. COVID-19 affected almost every facet of society, including colleges of pharmacy. After nearly two full years, the CDC has ended the nationwide mask mandate, businesses are back open full-time, and, most relevant to us, pharmacy admissions are on the upswing again.

  • Who's Who In the College of Pharmacy: Dr. McGraw

    February 1, 2022

    How were you introduced to pharmacy?

               I started as a technician at Walgreens. The manager of the pharmacy at the time was Dr. Katrina R. Bell. I walked up to the counter and asked her if she would hire me because I wanted to be a pharmacist. The rest is history.

  • Program Spotlight: VPIL

    November 22, 2021

    Here at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy, we have several exciting opportunities and programs in which students can participate. A more exclusive opportunity for students is the Vanderbilt Program in Interprofessional Learning. This program (VPIL for short) is available to students in the upcoming class. Students are eligible to apply to the program pending their acceptance into the College of Pharmacy. Due to the competitive nature of the program, seats are limited; students are encouraged to apply early!

  • Who's Who In the College of Pharmacy: Dr. Uroza

    September 27, 2021

    This week, Dr. Uroza answers a few questions about her pharmacy journey and her time with us here at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy!

  • Welcome Back, Future Pharmacists!

    September 8, 2021

    Classes have officially started for our students here at Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy. P1s, P2s, and P3s are already visiting their IPPE sites in and around Nashville, and our P4 students are serving their APPE sites to the best of their abilities. A few weeks ago, campus was essentially a wasteland. Now, we have regular visitors in our office! We are so happy to have our students here so we can start working toward some sense of normalcy. Masks are still mandated indoors for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals, but campus is coming alive again.

  • Welcome to Nashville!

    July 28, 2021

               In just a few weeks, the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy will welcome back its faculty, student body, and the newly-minted class of 2025. Over the summer, the A.M. Burton Health Sciences Center gets pretty quiet. We miss our students! Since the majority of our interview days over the last year were held virtually, several students from the incoming class will be visiting our campus and Nashville for the very first time! In this blog, I’ll do my best to give you an overview of life in Music City: what to do, where to eat, and a few pieces of advice.      

  • Who's Who In the College of Pharmacy: Dr. Kirby

    May 20, 2021

               We are privileged to have an exceptional faculty here at the college of pharmacy. Over the coming months, I will be posting interviews I conduct with a few of our professors. This week, Dr. Justin Kirby discusses his journey to Lipscomb, the chaos of the last year, some advice to incoming students, and everything in between.

  • I Have a Few More Questions

    April 29, 2021

    This is the last of a series of blogs having to do with COVID-19 and its effect on Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy. Over the coming months, we will look at different aspects of life here, including professor interviews, insights into student organizations, and more.

  • A Brand New Vaccine? I Have a Few Questions.

    April 12, 2021

    Opinions, opinions. 

               There are a lot of different opinions out there about the COVID-19 vaccine. Some are racing to their local pharmacies, begging to receive the first dose of one of the three options. Others are a little more skeptical, questioning the efficacy of a vaccine that was developed so quickly. As I write this, over 167 million vaccines have been administered in the U.S. Here at the college of pharmacy, I am surrounded by professionals in the field of medicine.

  • See You In Two Weeks: One Year After Our Underestimation of COVID-19

    March 22, 2021

    Ignorance Was Bliss

               Remember when we were young and blissfully unaware of the coming shutdown of society? In mid-March 2020, I walked out the front door of the A.M.