Undergraduate Programs

Majors: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts

Total Hours: 52-77
We provide a strong curriculum that begins with our Foundation courses. Foundation courses are used to provide students a breadth of experience within their first and second years. These courses build up to the advanced classes, which are geared more specifically to the concentration a student may choose for their final degree.

BFA: Animation - 67 total hours required

BA: Animation - 52 total hours required

BFA: Animation - 67 total hours required

BA: Art - Graphic Concentration - 51 total hours required

BA: Art - Studio Concentration - 51 total hours required

BA:  Art Therapy- 75 total hours required

BFA: Graphic Design  - 77 total hours required

BFA: Studio Art  - 77 total hours required

BA: Visual Arts Administration- 69 total hour required

BA: Visual Arts Teaching

Art Minors

Animation Minor - 18 hours

Art History Minor - 18 hours

Graphic Design Minor - 18 hours

Studio Art Minor - 18 hours

Due to the nature of our courses, it is imperative that any student interested in a degree in the Department of Visual Art submit an entrance portfolio for faculty review prior to entering the department. This review allows the faculty to evaluate the skill level of the student. For more information on the entrance portfolio, please check out our prospective students page.

****For more information on the individual courses required for the degrees mentioned above, see the latest academic catalog

If you have questions related to transfer credits, registration instructions, etc, check with the Office of the Registrar.

If you have questions related to our department and its policies, see our Department of Visual Art Handbook.