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Art studio

Entrance Portfolios


All students wishing to study in the Department of Visual Arts must submit a portfolio of work for review. These portfolios allow our faculty to evaluate your skill level and ability before you begin the program. 

Entrance Portfolios are due by December 1st through the Lipscomb Admission Application portal.

For all majors, students are required to submit 5-10 images of their previous work- (Art Therapy, Studio Arts, Graphic Design, Art Education)

Your entrance portfolio is an introduction to who you are as an artist. It includes work that is representative of your skill and unique voice. Your faculty advisor will use this portfolio in your incoming advising session during orientation. Additionally, you may also use this portfolio to apply for one of our departmental scholarships. 

Submit Portfolio


If you’d like to apply for a departmental scholarship, download an application.  Please email the finished Scholarship application and a copy of your portfolio to Jamie Reschke by December 1st at Jamie.reschke [at] This document must be filled out every year and due by December 1st to be considered for the scholarship position.

Portfolio Requirements