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Students in art class

Department of Visual Arts

Art is transformative. It advances local and global conversations, highlights new perspectives, and brings forth a vision for the future. It creatively expresses the human experience and propels us forward.

At Lipscomb, you will learn the skills to produce art that is intelligent, visually impactful and emotionally powerful. Our unique, spiritually led experience in the visual arts will develop you personally and professionally to make a difference in the field. Engage in the process of perception and practice, and find and develop your distinct visual language.

Whether you want to be a studio artist, graphic designer, curator or art teacher, we provide a set of diverse programs for you to explore and pursue your calling. Be led by a faculty of experienced practicing artists, gain access to museums, galleries, design firms and studios that make up Nashville’s vibrant art scene, and take advantage of opportunities to travel across the country and world to be part of exhibitions, shows and trips. Cultivate your talents, passions and heart for creating change in the world through the visual arts.


A student creates a graphic design

Graphic Design

Learn all about graphic design from proper package design and display to web and app development, all while using state-of-the-art software. All of our faculty have been working in the field for over a decade. Take one of two tracks: the B.A. or the more intensive BFA.

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A student works in the studio

Studio Art

While in our Studio Art program you will be given a wide berth to explore your creativity and potential. You will engage in mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, videography, and printmaking. You will learn from a faculty with a wealth of experience in a variety of media and have exhibited both nationally and internationally. The program includes an option of two tracks, a B.A. or the more intensive B.F.A

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A selection of art

Art Therapy

Intertwine your passions for art and healing. In our art therapy program, you’ll develop a strong foundation in all artistic mediums and apply these principles in a robust set of psychology courses and, eventually, in real-time situations. This program is made up of 51 course hours of art and 18 course hours in psychology.

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Student and artist

Visual Art Teaching

Teach visual art at both the primary and secondary school levels and inspire the next generation of artists. In partnership with the College of Education, this program will encourage you to take on a studio practice as you are preparing to teach.

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Christian Art Program in America


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Off-Campus Student-Operated Gallery in Nashville


All students wishing to study in the Department of Visual Arts must submit a portfolio of work for review. These portfolios allow our faculty to evaluate your skill level and ability before you begin the program. These portfolios are part of your Admission Application process and are located in the Admissions application portal.

Your entrance portfolio is an introduction to who you are as an artist. It includes work that is representative of your skill and unique voice. Your faculty advisor will use this portfolio in your incoming advising session during orientation. Additionally, you may also use this portfolio to apply for one of our departmental scholarships. 

Please reach out to our Program Coordinator, Jamie Reschke, at jamie.reschke [at] with any questions or concerns you might have about your entrance portfolio. She is happy to help!  

Entrance Portfolios are due by December 1st. Please submit your portfolio through your Lipscomb Admission Application.

To be considered for a Visual Arts Scholarship, please email the finished scholarship application and copy of your portfolio to Jamie Reschke by December 1st.

Entrance Portfolios Departmental Scholarship Application 



Visiting Artist Program

The Visiting Artist Program is a vital program that serves to educate and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through critical discourse. This program highlights several artists from all over the country and brings them to Nashville throughout the academic year, to interact with and inspire students and the community over a period of two to three days.

The artists lecture, perform studio visits, hold workshops and exhibit their work in the gallery. It is a decidedly eclectic program that showcases artists working in all media including sound, video, performance, painting, sculpting and photography, as well as critics and art writers. Lectures and events with the artists are held two to three times each semester.

The gallery, located in Beaman Library

John C. Hutcheson Gallery

Our on-campus gallery features a variety of exhibitions each semester. This gallery provides an opportunity to study, exhibit, stimulate appreciation for and advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement and artistic interests. Occasional free lectures by nationally and regionally known artists are held at the gallery in conjunction with exhibitions. The gallery is located in Beaman Library.

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Students in Paris, France

Travel Study

Special topics travel courses are offered each year. They create unique travel learning opportunities to New York City, Chicago, Paris, Berlin and more. Each course is designed to take advantage of the site's specific art venues and experiences.

Rachel Goode

Visual Arts Education Alumni - Rachel Goode

“During my time as an art education major at Lipscomb University, my professors instilled in me the drive to continuously challenge my limits as well as grow others around me. They saw leadership in me that I did not always see in myself. The values of leadership and growth continue to serve me today as a principal. I cherish my memories of the visual arts department as well as the education department at Lipscomb.” — Rachel Goode, B.A. Visual Art Education

Rachel Goode currently serves as the upper school principal at Ezell Harding Christian School in Nashville.

Visual Art Teaching
Tyler Johnson

Graphic Design Alumni - Tyler Johnson

“I had a great time at Lipscomb. I built some amazing life long friendships with classmates and professors. The Art Department worked with me to find a path that capitalized on my passion for both design and development. I appreciate the ways in which my professors pushed me to look at Art and Design in ways that I hadn't before, the constructive criticism that built me into a better designer and the opportunities that were afforded to me because the existing connections between my professors, alumni and friends. More than any single skill or piece of knowledge, my time in the art department established a foundation for applying concepts and principles in atypical ways.” — Tyler Johnson, B.A. Graphic Design

Tyler Johnson is the art director at Level 2 Design.

Graphic Design