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Accountancy - Master's and Certificate

Program Overview

Program Overview

Successfully pass the CPA exam and earn your licensure

There has never been a better time to pursue an accounting career, with demand for accounting professionals exceeding candidates. We know graduate business education is costly, so a Lipscomb Master of Accounting comes with several special opportunities to provide more value.

This uniquely-designed MAcc program curriculum equips you to work in the professional world and pass the licensure exam. Our first-time exam pass rate exceeds the national average. AACSB

Get hands-on experience with a full-time internship at the height of tax season. Score more than 600 on the GMAT, and you could receive a significant scholarship. Score 700 or higher on the GMAT and qualify a full-tuition scholarship. After graduation, you'll join your peers — who all got the work they were looking for.

Just need a few more hours for CPA eligibility? Our Graduate Certificate of Accountancy for Professionals (GCAP) is for professionals like you. If you're in need of 12 accounting hours or less, you'll be eligible for your licensure after receiving this certificate. Complete an academic course for a corresponding part of the CPA exam, and you'll be on your way.

Accounting Boot Camp

Do you need the prerequisites for a Master of Accountancy program? Or are you interested in pivoting from your current career to the field of accounting? Lipscomb’s Accounting Boot Camp can get you where you want to go!

Accounting Boot Camp is a rigorous, accelerated program that will prepare you with the basic accounting skills necessary to begin our Master of Accountancy program. Boot Camp is fast-paced!  Beginning in May and available online you’ll quickly get the knowledge you need to move forward in your career.

Learn More about Accounting Boot Camp

Master of Accountancy Program Outcomes

The Master of Accountancy degree program is designed to provide all knowledge and skills necessary to sit and pass the CPA exam. Coursework ensures students gain the ability to practice accounting from the beginning of their careers. Whatever pathway you choose, students are instilled with the qualifications and confidence to become an expert in the field.

Why Earn Your Master of Accountancy Degree at Lipscomb University?

CPAs are in high-demand, but individuals need an advantage in experience to stand out among other candidates in the field. Our MAcc program provides multiple opportunities for students to gain experiences and skills that set them apart.

Students have access to mentorship through our Executives and Partner in-Residence program, which cannot be overstated in importance for networking and learning directly from real-world professionals. They are even guaranteed a busy season internship at the height of tax season for hands-on training and receive a global perspective through an International Taxation course.

Lipscomb continues to maintain its reputation for educating well-qualified accountants, and access to a vast network of successful and engaged alums in a variety of industries in Nashville. Everything we do is for the good of our students' futures.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements


Applicants for the MAcc program should have an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher. The GMAT is optional for applicants who completed their bachelor's degree at an AACSB-accredited institution. An internship or other relevant employment in the field is strongly encouraged. A GMAT waiver option is available for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.2 or higher. Applicants who are granted the GMAT waiver, in turn, waive consideration for the MAcc scholarships based upon GMAT scores. (Try our Sample GMAT.)

MAcc candidates can satisfy the undergraduate prerequisite requirements in one of two ways.

First method: complete 18 hours in accounting

Students must complete the following courses:

  • Financial Accounting (Principles of Accounting 1)
  • Intermediate Accounting 1 and 2
  • Federal Income Taxation (Individual Tax)
  • Principles of Auditing

Second method: Students can complete Lipscomb's Accounting Bootcamp course (MACC 501V) to satisfy all undergraduate prerequisites.

Learn More about Accounting Bootcamp

Application Requirements

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • References
  • GMAT (optional)
  • Official Transcripts
  • Interview

All students, particularly those without an undergraduate degree in business, should remember that many states, including Tennessee, require students to have earned a specified number of hours in business to sit for the CPA exam. Additional hours in business or accounting courses may be recommended to comply with such requirements.

Applicants who completed their undergraduate degree from an institution outside the United States must submit a course by course evaluation of their transcript from World Education Services (WES).  Information about this process may be obtained on the WES website at

International students should be proficient in written and oral English.  A TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo score, credit earned in English language courses, letters from employers or instructors, or a personal interview may be presented to demonstrate proficiency.  

There is no GMAT waiver option for applicants who completed their undergraduate degree outside the US.  

Priority scholarship application deadline for Fall is February 15.



Students pursuing a Master of Accountancy will embrace a rigorous curriculum designed to achieve a first-time pass for the CPA exam. Click below to view the courses required for this degree:

Professional Accountancy Graduate Certificate

For those who do not require a full master's degree, the 12-hour certificate program provides the additional hours needed to sit for the CPA exam. Certificate students can shift to the MAcc or MBA program, but must notify the graduate business office of their intent to change programs and submit the appropriate paperwork. A minimum 3.00 GPA is required to shift programs, with the same admission requirements as the MAcc program.

Students take the following courses, which align with each section of the CPA exam to complete the Graduate Certificate:

Tuition & Aid

Tuition & Aid

Tuition for the Master of Accountancy program is $1,250 per semester hour or $37,500 for 30 hours.

Tuition for the Graduate Certificate of Professional Accountancy is $1,250 per semester hour or $15,000 for 12 hours.

  • $68 application fee and $200 graduation fee
  • Program Fee
  • International Trip Fee

Types of Aid


Year to complete

CPA Exam Preparation

Prepare for the CPA Exam through built-in studying and learning opportunities within the Master's and Certificate program options. Pass the CPA Exam the first time and be ready to advance your career with a licensure in Accountancy.

Tax Season Internship

Get hands-on experience with a full-time internship at the height of tax season. Score more than 600 on the GMAT, and you could receive a significant scholarship. After graduation, you'll join your peers — who all got the work they were looking for.


Both our deeply connected faculty and our experiential learning opportunities offer myriad ways for you to form relationships with leaders in the industry. These connections will serve and support you throughout your career.

Nashville, TN

A big city. An even bigger opportunity. We consider Nashville, Tennessee, an extension of our classroom, and as a leading city in many industries, that means you’ll gain experience and insight you won’t find anywhere else.

Alumni and Student Stories

Aneela Rajaram

Aneela Rajaram - Graduate Certificate of Accountancy ('17)

“I was amazed by the level of personalization. I had an appointment, a dedicated counselor and someone to accompany me to each of the offices I needed to get ready for my first day of classes. During my time at Lipscomb, the shared service [I worked for] was restructured, and I was serving as manager of internal control. When I completed my studies at Lipscomb, I was promoted to senior manager of that group."

Deanie Pedigo Chaudoin

Deanie Pedigo Chaudoin - MAcc ('21)

“During my graduate studies, I learned how to ask thoughtful questions, how to be disciplined in my goals, and how to network with other professionals. My graduate education pushed me to pass my CPA before starting my first job. During my time in the MAcc program, I gained relationships with my professors that I cherish. They became mentors, advocates, cheerleaders, and counselors. ”

Nathan Morgan

Nathan Morgan - MAcc ('20)

“The program prepared me to be more outspoken in the work environment. I work in audit, and I am coordinating and speaking with clients and other team members at many moments of every work day. The programs at Lipscomb helped me to not only be less timid in these interactions, but also make me more confident to lead discussions with clients and team members.”

Buck Sheesley

Buck Sheesley - Current MAcc student

“As an accountant in the real estate industry, the classes build upon the knowledge and experience I already have to further understanding of financial reporting, auditing, Information Technology as well as other areas accounting touches. The program is offering me the opportunity to advance my career with my current company instead of changing jobs to continue growing.”

Nolan Ray

Nolan Ray - MAcc ('20)

“The sense of community at Lipscomb is unique and something that I am thankful that I was able to be a part of. Every professor I had at Lipscomb was, and still is, willing to help me should I need anything. I just want to reiterate how thankful I am to the professors for being so willing to help me succeed in all aspects of my life, not just in accounting. They were all so genuine in that they just wanted what was best for me. I never felt like just another student.”


Average cohort Size

Our Faculty

  • Mark Jobe headshot

    Mark Jobe


    Hilton & Sallie Dean Endowed Chair of Accountancy  Mark Jobe is a native Mississippian. He was born in Elvis Presley's home town, reared in the rolling hills of northeast Mississippi, and...

    Meet Mark Jobe
  • Perry Moore headshot

    Perry Moore

    Professor and Director, Graduate Business Programs

    Charles E. Frasier Professor of Accountancy Dr. Perry Moore is the Charles E. Frasier Professor of Accountancy, Interim Director of the MAcc Program, and Director of Accreditation at Lipscomb University's Pfeffer...

    Meet Perry Moore
  • Jeff Jewell headshot

    Jeff Jewell

    Accounting Department Chair

    Jeff was born in Bloomington, Indiana, but grew up in Searcy, Arkansas, where both of his parents were professors at Harding University. Jeff earned his BA in history from Harding,...

    Meet Jeff Jewell
  • Tim Creel headshot

    Tim Creel

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Tim Creel is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Lipscomb University. He is a CPA, Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified in Corporate Strategy and Analysis (CSCA), and a Certified...

    Meet Tim Creel

Job placement rate

Career Paths

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records. They ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. Accountants and auditors assess financial operations and work to help ensure that organizations run efficiently.


Lawyers advise and represent individuals, businesses and government agencies on legal issues and disputes.

Financial Managers

Advise and direct businesses as Financial Managers through data analysis in order to maximize profit and financial health of an organization.