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About the Health Sciences Center

Welcome to Lipscomb Health Sciences Center

Lipscomb Health Sciences Center has a mission to produce competent, caring, and compassionate healthcare professionals that exemplify a commitment to a Christian life of service. Lipscomb not only prepares you for the workforce but will guide and empower you to live out your God given purpose. Lipscomb has a commitment to academic excellence and rigorous professional preparation that attracts the top healthcare practitioners as faculty members and puts our graduates in very high demand to meet the workforce and industry needs of the healthcare environment. The Health Sciences Center continually receives very high accolades for the depth and scope of its programs from accrediting bodies and our placement rate upon graduation into further professional education and employment is consistently in near the 100th percentile.

The vision of the Health Sciences Center is to be a national model for:

  1. Practitioner preparation – preparing the healthcare practitioners to have immediate contributions and impact on their patients and their profession
  2. Comprehensive interprofessional education and collaborative care – training the health sciences students to collaborate with each other in providing holistic and continuous quality care to their patients while creating a collaborative care model which facilitates communication as well as keeps healthcare affordable
  3. Strategic partnerships which meet both workforce and industry needs – partnering with the vast resource and expertise trust of the Nashville healthcare delivery network to inform program development which meets the workforce and industry needs of all stakeholders
  4. Service to the Underserved - committing and dedicating resources to underserved communities  while addressing their need to be empowered and treated equitably with regards to health care access and quality

This is a time of unprecedented growth and change for the Lipscomb Health Sciences Center, and we welcome you to join us in this journey to use our knowledge and skill to love and serve our neighbors near and far.