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Undergraduate Programs

As a leader in Nashville’s booming technology industry, we’ve created the most computing degrees in the state so you don’t have to choose between your passion and your major.

With innovative and uniquely multi-disciplinary programs in computer science, computational science and information technology, we’ll equip you for a promising career in systems engineering, science, management, development or security. Whatever it is – you have dozens of careers to consider – our rigorous curriculum will prepare you to stand out in whichever field you choose.

Through collaborative partnerships with industry, business, government, school and nonprofit organizations, engage in invaluable, real-world learning opportunities in-and-out of the classroom. This is an exciting time to be in the tech industry. And at Lipscomb! Discover how we can prepare you to build the next generation of computing and technology tools, and to be among the champions that lead the future of the tech industry!

  • Bachelor of Science
    Computational Biology

    Our rigorous curriculum will prepare you for a career in data-intensive biological sciences. You'll examine computational and mathematical modeling, simulation, and more alongside of our distinguished, accessible faculty.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Computer Science

    Since computing is key to all disciplines, the skills you grow under the guidance of our experienced faculty will let you to chart a course in any field of your choice. Whether it's games, media, health care or another industry, this ABET-accredited program will get you there.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Data Analytics

    We'll teach you how to apply your technical know-how to what interests you most. With courses including object-oriented system design and programming, ethics and policy, information structures and database management systems, you’ll be a well-rounded data analyst.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Data Science

    Our professionals will guide you in the foundations of data science, including logical reasoning and computer programming. You'll become adept at building and refining information systems to get the knowledge you need.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Game Development

    Games aren't limited to game consoles anymore. They're online, on mobile devices and computing platforms. So, advance your repertoire in our game development program, where computer science, artistic thinking and entertainment creativity merge.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Information Security

    Governments, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and private businesses all amass confidential information and must do so in a responsible, ethical manor. Our experienced faculty will train you to do just that, whatever your industry of choice.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Information Technology

    Computer technology is at the core of nearly every modern enterprise. Here, you’ll learn how to study, design, create, utilize, support and manage computer-based systems, software applications and computer hardware.

  • Bachelor of Science
    Information Technology Management

    Our faculty will ensure you gain a strong business foundation and learn to leverage technology to create value for the organization you work for. We'll guide you through business applications, systems, computing infrastructure and even human resources.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Software Engineering

    Software is present in most technology we use every day, so it's no surprise that people with software development skills are in high demand. Our program will expose you to the theory and practical aspect of software development in a Christian context.

  • Bachelor of Science, Minor
    Web Application Development

    Web development can range from developing the simplest static plain text pages to complex Web-based internet applications and electronic commerce sites. You will be able to successfully tackle any of these projects with our courses that focus on web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration.