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Peugeot Center for Engineering Service in Developing Communities

Projects with a Purpose

The vision of the Peugeot Center is to provide opportunities for engineering and computing students and professionals to meet critical needs in underserved communities. From Tennessee to Central America to Africa, students get to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom to make an impact on the world. These teams have designed and built pedestrian bridges, solar power systems, clean water systems, wastewater sanitation systems, masonry stoves, bio-incinerators, micro-homes and more.


  • Foster holistic missions through engineering and computing service projects that “wash the feet” of people in developing communities and share the love of Christ with them through service.
  • Partner with organizations within the communities we serve to develop long term relationships in conjunction with short term trips.
  • Investigate new technologies to meet communities’ needs in a culturally sensitive and sustainable way.
  • Offer technical and spiritual mentorship to provide students the foundation they need to work in the humanitarian field after college.

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Meet the Peugeot Center Staff

Steve Sherman headshot
Steve Sherman
Executive Director of Peugeot Center
Daniela Baugh headshot
Daniela Baugh
Director of Operations, Peugeot Center