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Singarama 20/20: A virtual performance

Check out these official Singarama 2020 photos and video from the rehearsals of the spring show that was not to be.

Janel Shoun-Smith | 615.966.7078  | 

A male student dipping a female student during a number in Singarama rehearsal.

The theme for this year's performance of Singarama was certainly fitting: Singarama 20/20. But no one could have foreseen the worldwide crisis that required the annual musical bonanza to be cancelled.

The students were already deep into rehearsals when on-campus classes and activities were cancelled in March. So check out this video and photos from the 2020 Singarama prep phase and maybe you'll see a student you know.

Singarama 20/20 Tribute Video

The directors of the three shows in Singarama

The three directors of Singarama 20/20 were Avery Rowland ("Eye of the Hurricane"), Carson Roach ("Short Sighted") and Mackenzie Williams-Nutter ("A Fresh Pair of Eyes").

The five hosts and Hostesses posing in front of Longview Mansion

The show also featured five talented hosts and hostesses; Savanna Cummings, Kait Logsdon, Dane Mortensen, Hudson Parker, and Alexa Williams.

Students rehearsing a dance in the Allen Arena lobby

Rehearsal for the cast of "Eye of the Hurricane."

The cast of "Eye of the Hurricane."

The cast of "Eye of the Hurricane" included members of Pi Delta, Sigma Iota Delta, Gamma Lambda and friends.

Students rehearse for "A fresh Pair of Eyes" in the Hall of Fame Room,

Rehearsal for the cast of "A Fresh Pair of Eyes."

The cast of "A fresh Pair of Eyes"

The cast of "A Fresh Pair of Eyes" included members of Phi Sigma, Tau Phi, Phi Nu, Sigma Alpha and friends.

Students rehearse for 'Short Sighted" in Allen Arena lobby.

Rehearsal for the cast of "Short Sighted."

The cast of "Short Sighted"

The cast of "Short Sighted" includes members of Theta Psi, Delta Omega, Kappa Chi and friends.