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Logon change for myLipscomb, Blackboard and student e-mail

Lipscomb Computer Center  | 

In an effort to improve the university logon procedures, we are pleased to announce that on Monday, June 15, 2009, your network username and password will be used to log onto the following resources that currently use either the Lipscomb ID and PIN or a separate username and password:

  • myLipscomb
  • Web CT Blackboard
  • Banner Self-Service
  • CBORD Housing
  • Student e-mail

The network username and password is already in use for the following resources: employee e-mail, campus wireless network access, Lipscomb-owned computer login, Mediasite, library research databases, iTunes University, and Request Tracker.
When this switch occurs on June 15, you will need to logon to myLipscomb to access Blackboard, Banner Self-Service (formerly known as Lipscomb Central), or CBORD Housing.  All direct links to these resources will be redirected to the myLipscomb logon page.  If you provide information to students on any of these resources, please update your documents to reference myLipscomb as the starting point for these services in addition to updating any logon information you provide.
We have also improved the network password reset page in several ways. It will require the user to revisit their challenge question every six months in order to ensure the user can remember the answer. Users can also look up their username from this site as well as simplifying the password change process. You can access the password reset site from
We are working toward including as many systems onto a single username and password as possible, but the following areas are some examples of specialized systems that some of you may use that still have a separate username and password:

  • Visa purchasing card system
  • Banner application
  • Web-based Master Calendar and Virtual EMS
  • VitaSite CMS website management tools
  • CBORD desktop client
  • WIN-PAK  door lock software
  • Facilities Heat self-service

We feel this change will greatly benefit all Lipscomb users by making it much easier to use campus technology. If you have any questions, please enter a ticket in the “Accounts” queue on or call 615.966.1777.