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Jeff Mankin honored for dedication to strong academic research

Lacey Klotz  | 

Jeff Mankin, assistant professor in Lipscomb’s College of Business, recently received the Allied Academies’ Fellow Award at its 2016 Spring AlliedAcademies_SideInternational Conference that took place in New Orleans, March 30 through April 1. 

Since 2010, Mankin has supported Allied Academies, an association of scholars that supports and encourages research, by attending conferences, editing research papers, serving on editorial boards and publishing several research papers through many of the organization’s journals.

“It was an honor to receive the Fellow Award at the spring conference,” said Mankin. “Allied Academies is an organization that I believe in and have engaged in for many years, and because of that, I have had the opportunity to develop research, grow professionally and collaborate with other educators who want to also grow in their craft. And anytime people you care about give you an award, it definitely means a lot.”

The Allied Academies is devoted to sharing and exchanging knowledge, and is made up of 14 affiliate academies, each of which publishes academic journals for researchers in various fields of business.

Each journal requires papers to be double blind peer reviewed before it is approved and published, and each subject covers areas including accounting, finance, economics, education entrepreneurship, marketing, management, organizational behavior, business law, international business and health care administration.

At this year’s conference, Mankin, along with Jeff Jewell, a professor in Lipscomb’s College of Business; Julio Rivas-Aguilar, an assistant professor in the college; and Randy Bostic, director of alumni relations and development and adjunct faculty in the college; submitted an abstract on the topic “Do College Football Recruiting Rankings Matter?” The paper seeks to determine if expert rankings of high school players provide any real information later when the players are on college teams, and is currently in the approval process.   

Mankin, and other business professors including Jewell and Charles Fraiser, a professor of accounting at Lipscomb, have co-authored several published papers in various journals from the Allied Academies including the Business Studies Journal, Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, Journal of International Academy for Case Studies and Academy of Educational Leadership Journal. To read the full research papers click hereAlliedAcademies_THUMB

“The research process can be anywhere between six months to a year from when we choose our topic, begin our working paper and get feedback to when we develop a full paper and submit it for approval,” said Mankin. “We have had great success getting things accepted and published in one of the many Allied Academies’ journals.

“The Fellow Award is given to individuals who have been both supporters and ambassadors for the Allied Academies for years,” said Mankin. “Both Jeff Jewell and I have been going to every conference in both the fall and spring and have been very loyal to the organization. I think Jeff would have gotten the award too if he had been at this last conference.”

Mankin and Jewell have received other awards from the Allied Academies including the 2014-15 Distinguished Research Award for the Business Studies Academy’s Business Studies Journal for their “Frequent Flyer Miles as Company Scrip: Implications on Taxation” research paper, and the 2012-13 Outstanding Educator Award for the Academy of Educational Leadership.

Mankin said throughout these projects, he is growing professionally by collaborating with other colleagues and enjoys being able to share the research findings with his students at Lipscomb.