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‘Anything is possible:’ Nursing graduate shows great resilience and faith on path to degree

Abigail McQueen | 

Shuntivia Campbell

Shuntivia Campbell’s journey to receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing was not without hardship. However, her faith and perseverance carried her to her milestone of graduation this past May.

Campbell’s desire to become a nurse came after her nephew died. She says, “Every moment since then has been driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill, fueled by the memory of his absence and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others.”

However, Campbell’s journey to Lipscomb was also filled with trials. While she was raised in the church, she feels that she lost some of her connection to God in her adult life as she began to neglect His guidance. She initially moved to Tennessee with “high hopes” at another school, but her pursuit of a nursing degree was only met with “disappointment and setbacks.”

“But then,” Campbell says, “a glimmer of hope emerged through an old friend who introduced me to Lipscomb. Despite my lingering doubts and past traumas, I took a leap of faith and reached out to the nursing recruiter. What happened next changed everything.” 

“Her unwavering belief in me, her contagious positivity, reignited the flickering flame of hope within my heart,” she continues. “Encouraged by her faith in my potential, I mustered the courage to apply—and to my amazement, I was accepted.”

Campbell describes her time at Lipscomb as difficult but ultimately rewarding. While she encountered moments that “threatened to break [her] spirit,” Campbell says now realizes that she was stronger than she realized.

“Prayer became my solace, a lifeline connecting me to something greater than myself. Patience became my companion, teaching me the art of endurance in the face of adversity,” she shares. “And through it all, maturity emerged as my guiding light, offering perspective and wisdom to navigate the stormy seas of life.”

Throughout her time in the nursing program, Campbell’s mother was her “greatest champion” and a constant source of support. Now that she has attained her degree, she wants to be able to give her mother “the retirement she deserves.”

“Witnessing my mother raise five children on her own was a testament to her strength and resilience, despite the challenges she faced,” Campbell says. “That's why I've made the conscious decision to pursue a career, not just a job—something stable and enduring, with a perpetual demand. It's my way of ensuring a brighter future for my family, breaking the cycle of struggle and fulfilling a deep-seated desire to serve others.”

On reaching this milestone that’s a decade in the making, Campbell says she feels extreme joy and exhilaration unlike anything she’s experienced before. She accounts her success to resilience, perseverance, and the belief that anything is possible. Campbell plans to take a “well-deserved vacation” and spend time with her four children before beginning this new chapter of her life.

Campbell says her time at Lipscomb has given her much more than a degree.

“Not only did Lipscomb equip me for the nursing profession, but it also reignited my faith and reminded me of what truly matters,” she says. “Surrendering control and allowing God to steer my path transformed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. It wasn't until I relinquished my own plans and entrusted them to Him that everything fell into place. Now, the story I once tried to write on my own is complete, shaped by His grace and wisdom.”