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Mathematics teacher at chalkboard looking back a students in foreground.

Department of Mathematics

You already know the basics — now dig deeper to increase your literacy and competency for a career in the mathematical sciences.

You’re here because you already know two plus two is just the beginning of an incredible body of knowledge in mathematics. Increase your literacy and competency in mathematics for a career in the mathematical sciences, in teaching, for pre-professional training, or for a technology profession that may not even exist today!


Student writing on chalkboard in Math class.


Your options are endless: statistics, calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, topology, differential equations and many more! The problem-solving skills you finesse will apply far beyond just equations. Dig deeper into the incredible body of knowledge that constitutes mathematics by earning your degree in the field.

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Calculator sits on top of a mathematics textbook.

Applied Mathematics (Minor)

Receive a thorough foundation of applied mathematics including an in-depth study of calculus concepts. Highly qualified professors will walk alongside you to ensure your comprehension along the way resulting in useful, practical knowledge.

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