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Lipscomb Online for Undergrads

Lipscomb Online courses are available to all students at the university, providing additional flexibility for you to choose how to complete your education.

View the full Lipscomb Online Course schedule here  

Lipscomb Online Undergraduate


The College of Professional Studies offers a fully online learning experience through Lipscomb Online. Although not every course offered in the traditional curriculum is available in Lipscomb Online, many of the online courses, especially in the general education curriculum, are exact replicas of the traditional, on-ground classes. Lipscomb Online courses are offered entirely asynchronously so you can complete your coursework no matter where you are. If you are seeking to take one of the many completely online undergraduate courses offered in Lipscomb Online, please review the class schedule for course sections of LO1 and LO2 and consult with your academic advisor.

What is Lipscomb Online?

Lipscomb Online is a part of Lipscomb University that was created to provide an exceptional educational experience for students who need or desire flexibility in their learning schedule. Lipscomb Online offers flexible degree and certificate programs fully online, designed to advance your academic career and nurture your faith. With the guidance of our caring, experienced faculty, you will have the support and resources needed as you complete your online learning experience.

Lipscomb Online Coursework

Our classes are offered entirely online so that you can have the flexibility you need to fit our classes in your schedule around your on-ground classes, your work schedule and your personal time. Lipscomb Online programs feature a mix of innovative learning methods, encouragement from support staff, and one-on-one relationships with faculty. With our asynchronous online model, you can access the course content, complete assignments, and initiate or respond to interactions with your professor anytime night or day. We use the same learning management system as the larger university, Canvas.

Each course activity is designed to prepare you for the final assessment, and information about the final assessment is transparent from the beginning. You will know from the first day what you will be asked to do at the end so you can begin the course with the end in mind, filing away knowledge and skills that you will need to demonstrate at the end of the course.

How to Enroll

Follow these steps to take a Lipscomb Online course:

  1. Review the Current Lipscomb Online Course Schedule with your academic advisor.  

  2. Register online for the course(s) in the term labeled TRAD at the end.

  3. You are ready to learn online once the term starts! 

Have questions? Contact us at online [at] lipscomb.edutarget="_blank".