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Swipe Out Hunger

Sodexo, Swipe Out Hunger and Lipscomb University are partnering to fight student food insecurity.

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Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is defined as "the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways. 

1 in 3 college students face food insecurity nationally and we don't want their ability to focus on school and be a part of campus life to be affected due to food insecurity. 

Sodexo has provided meals to establish a Meal Swipe Bank for food-insecure students.

Swipe Out Hunger is a national nonprofit committed to eliminating college student hunger and food insecurity. Swipe Out Hunger's goal is to empower students nationwide through various initiatives and programs. 


Students may request swipes by filling out the Swipe Out Meal Request Form. Once meal swipes are distributed from the Meal Swipe Bank to those student’s ID cards, those meals can be redeemed simply by swiping in at Bison Cafe with your student ID.

At this time, we are distributing meal swipes in quantities of 15 to students in need who do not have meal plans. This is meant to be a short-term solution until we are able to establish a more permanent solution.

Swipe Out Meal Request Form

How to Qualify

You may qualify for Swipe Out Hunger if:

  • You are eligible for or enrolled in public benefits, such as food stamps/SNAP and/or financial programs
  • You are facing housing insecurity or homelessness
  • You are facing financial hardships that include food insecurity