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As Lauren Phillips (‘26) began her college search process as a high school student, she kept the influences of faith and family top-of-mind.

Growing up with two older brothers, Lauren observed the college application process from a young age. During her own search, she found something unique at Lipscomb.

Lauren knew she wanted to attend a school with a smaller Christian community. “I just knew that a smaller setting was where I would thrive,” she said, “and I think that's proven to be true [at Lipscomb], which is really sweet and special.” 

Lauren also discovered that Lipscomb offered the exact major she wanted to study—neurobiology. Knowing she ultimately wanted to work in a clinical neuropsychologist role, Lauren looked for a major that would give her a broad foundation in both biology and psychology. “Lipscomb had that as a small Christian school,” she remembers. “That meant that I was getting the intentionality from professors and smaller class sizes, and now I get to be involved in research.”

As a sophomore, Lauren is actively engaged in the lab. Working alongside a professor passionate about the subject, her current work is focused on studying necrotizing enterocolitis, a condition that is prevalent in premature infants and has close to a 50% mortality rate. Whether Lauren chooses to pursue research after graduation, she acknowledges, “It's so nice that I have the tools and resources to be able to get experience in [research]. It allows me to be part of something greater than myself.”

Lauren is also a member of Phi Sigma, one of Lipscomb’s social clubs, a student ambassador for undergraduate admissions and a representative on the Honors College Council. 

The intentional care for students Lauren found at Lipscomb stood out during her college search. “The people that I was interacting with weren't necessarily praying and hoping that I would come here, but praying and hoping that I would make the right decision for the Lord's calling on my life. And that was huge.”

Lauren offers this piece of advice for your college search: “Leave room to be surprised. Although on paper I saw that Lipscomb checked all the boxes, it surprised me even more how actually at home I felt when I was here.”


“I’ve Received So Much”

“With the process of searching for a college, I wanted a place that was going to allow me to receive, but also allow me to give. And Lipscomb has allowed me to do both of those things.

Finding His Way to Make a Difference

Serving the local community

  • Even though Lauren is passionate about and heavily invested in research as an undergraduate, she also finds time to serve and be involved in campus life through other pursuits. “Right now, I am involved in a service organization on campus called Mission 5:13, which focuses on community outreach.”

The value of a small college experience

  • During his college search, Seth realized the value of a small community and found the right fit at Lipscomb. “The biggest thing I was looking for in a college, I didn't want to be in a class with 200 people, and I wanted to feel like I can make a difference. I wanted to feel like I wasn't just a number on a paper…I feel that way at Lipscomb.”

A shared pursuit

  • Seth appreciates the unity he feels on campus with his peers as they all strive to find their calling in the world. “At Lipscomb, we have different majors, different things we want to do in life, but the majority of students share the same goal of finding their vocation and using that for the good of serving others. So I feel like we all work together in that.”

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